DBW Volume 3 Chapter 3

Volume 3 Chapter 3

To Vie For The Husband

Montelago City.

At the Hass Empire’s Imperial Palace.

Queen Sofia was looking at the petition Jancy had just brought to her. Reading the letter Tanzya’s Chief Kayseri had written, she couldn’t help but knit her brows. [Didn’t someone announce recently that Aiwa had saved Federer who fell into the enemy’s hand? How did Aiwa become their hostage?]

Sofia lifted her head. Looking towards Jancy, she asked with doubt.

[Could it be that Aiwa lost a battle after sending troops in large scale?]

Jancy was not clear regarding the front line circumstances; the intelligence of the Imperial Palace was brought by a messenger every day and announced in a concise and comprehensive manner, not including everything. Even having a rich imagination, it was difficult to know the circumstances beyond a hundred li.

Besides, Jancy’s perception range was only several hundred meters.

[Hehe, I actually doubt this youngster may have run away, there are many beautiful women there, and this small lecher might have felt lonely at Favargo.]

Queen Sofia didn’t have any plans regarding the intermarriage issue raised by Kayseri, she never met this kind of issue, even Federer who called himself as Hass’s most handsome man wasn’t looked upon by Tanzya’s women.

[If we let Aiwa take a Tanzya woman as wife, perhaps it would be advantageous to our frontier defense, only … …]

Jancy stopped speaking.

[Only what?]

Queen Sofia languidly looked towards Jancy, waiting for her next words.

[Before Your Majesty had ordered the engagement between Aiwa and Dolly, if we agree with the Tanzyanians, we’ll be unable to justify this to the Prime Minister, after all the wedding between their two families is already spread at all levels of the society.]

Jancy had no choice but to think over the Queen’s surrounding circumstances. Regardless of whether Groote was willing for this wedding or not, right now, if they rescinded the wedding, then Groote’s family wouldn’t have any face to show outside, for good or bad he was after all the Prime Minister!

[Then can you go and seek Groote’s intentions?]

Queen Sofia formulated a plan.

She didn’t declare the matter of Tanzyanians proposing a marriage towards Aiwa, rather first let Groote declare his position.

Groote was a really understanding person. After he knew the purpose for Jancy coming over here, he privately sent his intentions to Queen Sofia through Jancy, writing a letter to her.

The news of Groote refusing the marriage proposed by General Kyle’s son wasn’t spread everywhere, but it was known within the Imperial Palace, Prime Minister Groote didn’t like the idea of the marriage between his daughter and General Kyle’s son, Aiwa.

The next day, the Tanzya messenger returned to Tanzya tribe carrying Queen Sofia’s letter.

What made Kayseri overjoyed was that, not only did Queen Sofia agree for the wedding between Aiwa and Tanzya’s Princess, she still expressed that if every year Tanzya offered tribute to Hass Empire, then Hass Empire would present great amount of riches and goods in return. The actual amount within the letter was much more than the loot Tanzya tribe plundered from the surrounding three countries. In other words, from now on, Tanzyanians wouldn’t have to worry about food and drinks even if they didn’t go to disturb Favargo.

However, this didn’t make her happy; instead she was worried because of the gains Queen Sofia conferred towards the Tanzyanians.

Beira was Tanzya’s genuine Princess. For her beloved Aiwa, Beira raised her thoughts towards her mama.

[Ma, I am Tanzya’s Princess, Aiwa is my husband, why did you gift him to Wuya?]

Beira’s eyes were already brimming with tears, not being able to speak due to her choking emotions.

[Child, since mama has already put out the order, how can I regain it? Accept you fate! Only if our position in the regime is stable, then will we be able to achieve happiness. Or else, you can’t have anything.]

Kayseri could understand the pain of her daughter’s heart.

[If I can’t have Aiwa, then there’s what meaning for me to keep on living?]

[Child, you don’t understand, Aiwa won’t be a Tanzya woman’s husband forever, and he will sooner or later return to Hass Empire, that is his true home. A true embrace isn’t the fusion of bodies, rather the exchange of hearts; if his heart is really yours, even if he isn’t your husband, he will care about you forever. There’s one phrase which you won’t be able to understand now, it goes like this [A wife is not as good as a concubine, a concubine is not as good as a prostitute, a prostitute is not as good as a secret affair, a secret affair is not as good as the affair you want but can’t get.] Whoever becomes his wife, would lie in bed with him every day, like that, his heart would slowly go far from this woman.]

[I at least want to give birth to his child!]

No matter how her mother persuaded, Beira was still determined.

Kayseri pondered for a long time; finally she found a way to placate her daughter.

[Let’s make it like this! If you’re really unwilling to give up, you can have a competition with Wuya, the victor gets to marry Aiwa.] Kayseri clearly understood, her daughter’s age was small, she couldn’t compare to the battlefield experienced Wuya in all aspects. If her daughter lost the competition, then she wouldn’t say anything else.

Naturally there was a reason for Kayseri to give Aiwa as a present to Wuya. From the outsiders perspective, after looking at Kayseri’s conduct, they would feel the Generalissimo was how selfless, simultaneously it would greatly raise Wuya’s position within the army, forming a natural power centre, then even Lucy wouldn’t dare to have any improper thoughts, this bit was advantageous for her regime.

Wuya was called inside the army tent by Kayseri. Since this matter had the rancour of seizing love, Beira made an unnatural face when she saw Wuya.

[Wuya, it’s like this, in order to let you receive Aiwa more than just in name, I thought of arranging a competition between you and Beira, the victor can tie the knot of husband and wife with Aiwa, no one else can participate in this. I think, no matter who wins in this competition, it would convince the hearts of the other Tanzya high ranking military officers. Are you willing?]

Kayseri asked Wuya with a determined look. She thought, it was impossible for the intelligent Wuya to not know the path, her this Generalissimo’s way of handling clearly favoured towards her, Wuya. She would rather abandon her own flesh and blood, her heart supporting this quasi-princess, Wuya was very grateful in her heart for this.

[I agree.]

Due to her loyalty, it was impossible for Wuya to disagree.

[I also agree.]

Beira at last obtained to fight over the husband with Wuya. If she didn’t like Aiwa very much, she was also improbable to have a falling out with Wuya, because she saved Kayseri’s regime at the risk of her life. Beira also understood, if there wasn’t a regime, then what would she be, only a common Tanzya girl.

[Elder Sister Wuya, if I lose, my heart will willingly withdraw, not disturbing your life anymore.]

Beira extended her small hand.

The two tender hands held each other.

In the Tanzya tribe, there was a well known legend — — At the southern region of Khalila Grand Canyon there was a group of God Wolf’s, if someone was able to kill any one of them, then they would become Tanzya’s hero, furthermore can even become the leader after getting the support of the Tanzyanians.

[We’ll have a competition, How about seeing who can hunt a head of a God Wolf?]

[God Wolf?]

Wuya couldn’t help but get stupefied.

Every Tanzyanian knew about the legend regarding the God Wolf, but no one knew the appearance of that God Wolf, in what way it was different from a feral wolf. It was only known that wolf had a whole body of pure white fur, and it was very tall and ferocious.

Who would fear a thing they haven’t seen, the dreadful thing was Khalila Grand Canyon; it was said that small bugs roamed around there, a very dangerous region, any person who entered inside hadn’t returned back alive, and Beira unexpectedly wanted to take risks at Khalila Grand Canyon with Wuya, is she still sane?

Wuya sent her sight towards Kayseri; this competition could only advance with her decision.

[Apart from this, there isn’t any other method?]

Kayseri looked towards her stubborn daughter, somewhat afraid in her heart. She felt her daughter wasn’t only fighting for Aiwa but rather also to increase the power within her hands.


Beria replied calmly.

Looking at her determined daughter, Kayseri felt it wasn’t good to speak anything else, however she really didn’t want her daughter to lose her life.

[I will give a group of 5 persons to you each, the time limit is 10 days, all right. If you still haven’t reached a conclusion within 10 days, I will use my title as the Generalissimo to enact the issued order.]

Beira firmly nodded, as if she had absolute certainty, that she would be able to capture a God Wolf’s head within 10 days.

At the time the sun was setting in the west, Wuya and Beira set off towards Khalila Grand Canyon accompanied by a group. The reason they chose the evening time was to avoid the burning hot sun.

Looking at their leaving rear view, Kayseri grumbled at Aiwa’s side and said: [Apparently, with your arrival, it was unavoidable for a commotion to rise in our Tanzya.]

[That may not be true, after all they aren’t fighting to kill each other, in case an outcome is obtained, it would be advantageous to this land, bringing stability and peace to it, those persons coveting your power would also be content with their lot.]

Aiwa said with confidence.

[You are after all a Hass person, and naturally can’t be worried about our matters. I’m really afraid of any accident happening to Beira.]

Kayseri said with worry.

[If it was like that, and she didn’t dare to participate in the competition, then would she be able to wield the Tanzya regime in the future?]

Listening to Aiwa’s point of view made Kayseri feel that his thoughts really didn’t match up with his age; she couldn’t help but glance towards Aiwa. His sharp and clear face was really tempting for a woman, that tall and sturdy physique could make a girl’s heart tremble.

[Then, whom do you want to win from those two?]

Kayseri felt her heart receive the enticement of this man at her side; she had no choice but to continue the previous discussion. However, her violently moving bosom had already made Aiwa notice her mood change, she didn’t wear a leather gown, and the two peaks at her breasts were clearly visible on her thin clothing, wrapping up the desire of a mature and sophisticated woman.

[They won’t be able to win, because only you are the true Queen of Tanzya.]

Actually, Aiwa’s words weren’t mere flattery. From his contact with Kayseri for the past few days he could see, currently, inside the entire Tanzya tribe, besides Kayseri, no one was capable of controlling the situation here.

[You have so much confidence in me?]

Kayseri was naturally fond of listening to Aiwa declare this. On the evening of the coup d’état, the fact that her destiny hadn’t ended was verified. Furthermore, after she was replenished by Aiwa’s energy that day, she felt many big differences in her body, not only her spirit, but her power also abruptly increased.

[Don’t tell me you have no confidence in me? You mustn’t forget, flowing within your body is our Dragon Clan’s Blood!]

[Our Blood Shed Clan is also not lacking anywhere.]

Kayseri didn’t want to let Aiwa be too arrogant in front of her. Besides his working on her body time, she still liked his docile appearance.

Aiwa was naturally convinced of her words; because even if they couldn’t practice dou qi, they could make a person like Federer piss in his pants, at Hass Empire, it was really difficult to find that kind of person.

[Let’s return inside the tent to rest! No need to be anxious, they won’t be reaching Khalila Grand Canyon in a short time. If you have energy, it would be better to have a happy round with our bodies.]

Aiwa looked at the somewhat begging expression inside Kayseri’s eyes, a woman’s hungry and thirsty expression was really tempting.

[No, I want to play with your two maids, you won’t mind right? As the Generalissimo, you must take note to preserve your physical strength!]

Aiwa didn’t follow Kayseri inside the tent, rather stayed outside. Those two maids couldn’t help but blush after hearing Aiwa’s frank words.

The weather was warm, those two girls didn’t wear a leather gown, and a thin jacket covered their youthful glowing bodies.

Since ancient times, a leader’s lasciviousness was reasonable and fair, receiving a punishment meant that they didn’t have the qualifications to receive the lasciviousness.

Aiwa’s identity within the tribe was no longer that of a captive, after he was permitted to be the Princess’s husband, he was practically a hero within the Tanzyanians hearts. All the Tanzya women wished to sleep with the tall and powerful man, Aiwa once. They already heard this Hass man had an unusual reproductive organ, which could make a woman drown in endless ecstasy.

And Kayseri’s personal maids had personally heard it with their own ears, they saw Aiwa’s ferociousness with their own eyes, merely they haven’t personally experienced it. However, every time Aiwa made love with Generalissimo Kayseri, although these two maids didn’t speak similar to a frightened deer, but their lower parts were always moist, making these two maids feel embarrassed to speak, simply cleaning their body, they assumed an appearance as if nothing had happened.

Right now, listening to Aiwa say he wanted to play with them, these two maids couldn’t help but burst with joy, even not being careful of letting Generalissimo Kayseri look at their excited appearance before entering the tent.

[Be careful of me peeling your skin!]

Kayseri ferociously glared at the two maids, frightening their minds; she hurriedly resumed her smiling expression.

After Kayseri went inside the tent, Aiwa walked in front of the two maids, he held the chin of one of them, letting her raise her small face. [Out of you, whose breast has mother’s milk?]

Aiwa’s lewd and demonic sight swept across these two maid’s faces.

[We haven’t given birth to a child, how can we have mother’s milk?]

The two maids thought Aiwa was a big fool, not knowing the common sense that a woman could only have mother’s milk after giving birth to a child.

[Then, how can a woman give birth to a child?]

Aiwa let go of the first maid, however his hand kneaded the other maid’s breast. Although separated by the clothes, his hand was very powerful, making this maid’s body feel numb immediately.

[Marrying … …]

One of them said while hesitating.

[Say, how can a woman give birth to a child?]

Aiwa approached his lips near that maid’s lip but he didn’t kiss her.

[She can have a child after marrying and sleeping with a man.]

That maid stated in a low voice. She was afraid of getting heard by the Generalissimo inside the tent, because right now, she felt as if she was seducing the Generalissimo’s male lover.

[Have you slept with a man?]

Aiwa’s big hand kneaded the maid’s other breast. Aiwa liked to fondle a girl’s breasts, although their breasts were petite, but also quite flexible, furthermore a little hard within the softness, not resembling a mature woman’s breasts, like two flabby lumps.

What Aiwa liked very much was that a girl couldn’t endure her breasts getting kneaded, after fondling a few times, a girl’s body would give a clear reaction.

He liked looking at the infatuated and again not daring to give out lovely shouts expression on the maid’s face as he fondled her.

[Gen … … Generalissimo said … … she’ll peel our skin … …]

The maid getting fondled by Aiwa suddenly recalled the words spoken by the Generalissimo before going inside the tent, she still was somewhat afraid, after all accompanying one’s sovereign was like accompanying a tiger.


Aiwa’s hand stopped there, but he didn’t release it, still holding that lovely maid, her soft and hard wonderful breast, and went to look inside the tent, only the curtain was already lowered, Kayseri was probably lying on the bed. He knew Kayseri wasn’t a stingy woman, and won’t punish these maids because he played with their body.


Aiwa kneaded the maid’s breast and asked indifferently, as if a doctor was taking the pulse of a patient.

[We … … we mustn’t seduce you … … because you are the Generalissimo’s man … …]

The maid spoke while trembling. Not only because she was afraid, because Aiwa’s hand had groped her breast for a long time, her lower body was already moist all over, her legs couldn’t help but writhe.

[What happened?]

Aiwa looked at her lower body, his hand directly stretched down her waist.

The maid’s thigh’s inside side was slippery, feeling warm and moist.

The maid’s body trembled.

[Oh, already like this!]

Aiwa took out his hand, smearing that finger wet with love liquids on the maid’s lips once. The maid couldn’t help but lick on top of Aiwa’s finger once, his finger slid insider her mouth, softly sliding in and out.

The girl half lowered her head, Aiwa’s finger moved round at her small mouth, however Aiwa very quickly withdrew his hand, his hand stretched forward towards her lower body, hair still hadn’t grown there, feeling very smooth. Aiwa still liked a hairless girl, when his hand felt that smooth region, he felt very pleasant.

For convenience, Aiwa directly untied her clothing, after his big hand forcefully grabbed her smooth tender flesh; his finger went inside the ravine at her lower body.

[Oh … …]

The maid already couldn’t withstand Aiwa’s lengthy teasing, right now; he was moving his hand at her most private region, that satiny finger was sliding back and forth inside that fleshy path, that rubbing made waves of soft itching emerge at her lower body.

[What happened? Feeling unwell?]

Aiwa’s mouth stooped down near the maid’s ear, his mouth released his breath on top of her earlobes, provoking her prospering lust.

[Comfortable … …]

The maids face was ruddy with excitation. The region at her lower body had never been touched by any person! However, right now, Aiwa’s finger was wreaking havoc there; she looked forward to that finger pierce deeper, directly pounding against her uterus.

[Don’t you want me to fuck you once?]

Aiwa asked in a low voice. Not to mention that his fingers movement had already confused the maid, this sentence was enough to make her feel pleasant.

[But … … the Generalissimo will get angry … …]

The maid’s alarmed expression made her seem lovelier.

[She won’t get angry.]

Aiwa suddenly held the maid burning with desire and rushed inside the tent, right now, Kayseri was resting by lying in her chair, and Aiwa threw the maid he was holding on top of her bed.

[Aiwa, are you insane? Are you actually going to fuck a maid?]

Kayseri felt that Aiwa ought to fuck her, this charming Generalissimo.

[This maid is much unrestrained; if you don’t believe then take a look!]

Aiwa pulled down the clothes at the maid’s lower body, also pushing up her jacket, an exquisite woman’s physique immediately appeared in front of Aiwa, he really didn’t expect this maid’s figure would be so fascinating. Those long and beautiful glossy legs were well proportioned, her pure white skin seemed like snow, particularly the region above her vulva was pure white, without a single pubic hair; looking at her small bosom, although her two small mountains couldn’t be regarded as lofty, they were very adorable, her captivating red nipples were already standing high due to Aiwa’s caressing.

Aiwa raised the maid’s leg so that Kayseri could see, it was really moist. Kayseri naturally knew what Aiwa had done to this maid outside the tent just now, she coquettishly glanced towards Aiwa, and said while laughing: [Try to be bit gentle, she’s still a child, that place is still delicate! Looking at your thickness, I fear won’t it take her life?]

The maid knew, if the Generalissimo’s man wanted her, then she could only bear it, lying there without struggling, obediently following Aiwa’s arrangements.

[This little slut’s pretty good; she belongs to you for this evening.]

Kayseri couldn’t bear to look at this delicate girl get tormented by Aiwa; she got up and walked outside.

Aiwa didn’t want to fuck immediately; he stooped down his body, separating her legs he gently kissed on her white moist pussy.

This maid was a natural beauty, her skin was white and tender, as if it would melt with one lick. Aiwa;s tongue strongly licked on her vulva, that small pea immediately became erect, furthermore that peak was moist and sharp, Aiwa’s tongue softly poked there, making the maid’s body tremble.

[Oh … …]

The maid couldn’t help but give out delighted moans, the Generalissimo had already gone out, she could relax a bit. She didn’t know a man’s tongue had what kind of enchantment, that mere lick had made her feel this ecstatic! A happy expression immediately rose across her face.

When Aiwa’s tongue was twisting inside her pussy, the maid’s body couldn’t help but convulse. Whenever Aiwa used his lips and tongue to forcefully lick her vulva, the maid immediately twisted her body. [Oh … … aah … …]

Aiwa’s movement made the maid realize once secret — — when her vulva was rubbed by a man’s tongue, a wave of pleasure immediately appeared in her entire body. So, when Aiwa stopped, the maid took the initiative to push her vulva against Aiwa rubbing it against his tongue. The maid moved her entire body, her small buttocks straightened, that tender flesh hole was rapidly rubbed by Aiwa’s tongue.

[Wu … … aah … …]

The maid released a lewd shout; she wriggled her body, looking at Aiwa’s face, making a great effort to move her body, that intense pleasure distorted her face’s muscles. Her hands were at her back, because her body was moving very quickly, her breasts on her bosom also followed up by trembling.

[Master … … quickly pierce me … … It’s itching inside … …]

The maid had already climaxed, sexual secretions continuously spurted from inside, however Aiwa was still licking her vulva. Although the maid had never slept with a man, she had seen the scene of Kayseri and Aiwa doing sex many times. She thought, it was so pleasurable just now, if Aiwa inserted his big thing inside, wouldn’t it be asking to die from the pleasure?

At the time the maid was making lovely shouts, her body was moving very ferociously, it could be assumed that, Aiwa’s tongue skill was really tremendous; moreover she was still a virgin!

Looking at the violently moving maid, Aiwa’s libido roused itself. He held the maids buttocks, sucking forcefully at the vulva on which sexual secretions were flowing, as if he was trying to suck her intestines out.

[Ah.. dying from the pleasure … …]

The maid tightened her body, shooting out a portion of sexual secretions, spraying them inside Aiwa’s mouth. Sucking in a virgin’s sexual secretions gave great benefits to the body. Aiwa knew, if a girl’s body was tormented, she would quickly have an orgasm, because she hadn’t undergone training, a girl’s orgasm would often emerge quickly and finish quickly. He had to first let this maid experience a lifelong unforgettable feeling, making her think of having sex with him every day.

Aiwa calmly lowered down the maid’s snow white butt, this was to take off his clothes. The maid was already accustomed to getting attended by him, how could she let Aiwa undress himself? She immediately stood up and undressed Aiwa. Aiwa was stripped naked; the maid impatiently lied down, separating her legs, waiting for Aiwa to pierce her.

Although the maid’s identity was humble, however her looks were delicate and pretty, many times better than that high-ranking military officer Lumen. So, Aiwa was all along harbouring one thought — — fucking a woman, precisely fuck her face!

[Master, quickly pierce slave servant! Slave servant is unable to bear it … …]

She showed a painful expression, which couldn’t be explained with words. Right now, she felt as if there were several million insects crawling inside her lower body, she tried to separate her legs as much as possible. Aiwa looked at the gu gu flowing out milky white sexual secretions out of her pussy.

Aiwa knelt between her legs; his hands caressed that long thing a few times. That long thing was hyperaemic long ago, as if there were earthworms crawling on his cock, looking at that cock made them maid happy as well as afraid.

It seemed to her, that cock was like a fierce small serpent! However, she believed that when that serpent drilled inside her pussy, she would feel great pleasure.

Aiwa used his hand to support his cock, pushing it inside her narrow pussy, those rick sexual secretions made it very easy for Aiwa’s big head to push in, that maid’s flesh walls were being filled simultaneously, however that pussy barely seemed enough, a tensed colour was clear on the maids face.

Aiwa also felt some trouble while pushing inside; however, right now the maid was looking forward to Aiwa’s action, a portion of lust fiercely ignited within her expression.

Aiwa’s body tightly stuck with the maid’s naked body, his hands pinched her lovely erect breasts. He softly pushed his body, that burning hot cock squeezed inside the maid’s delicate pussy!


The maid didn’t expect, that when that thick meat spear would penetrate inside, it would bring that kind of pain, she immediately felt as if her entire lower body was being split open.

However, what made Aiwa frightened was that, although this maid’s age wasn’t much big, her vagina was very long, his thick thing had already squeezed in more than half but it still hadn’t touched her hole’s base.

[Wu … … hurts very much … …]

The maid’s face distorted due to the pain, and Aiwa’s cock continued to penetrate deeper, the maid was really unable to bear that ripping sort of pain, the fingernails on her hands deeply pinched on top of Aiwa’s body. However, Aiwa was only excited, he didn’t feel any pain.

In order to lighten the maid’s pain, Aiwa had no choice to read the Reverse Yin Technique in his mind, making his cock’s tip shrink a bit, until it could fit that maid’s long and narrow vagina.

The pain became lighter, and along with Aiwa’s pumping, the maid felt increasingly intense pleasure.

[What’s your name?]

Aiwa kissed her forehead while slowly pumping.

[Celi … …]

The maid replied while trembling. She already raised her two jade legs, which were continuously trembling.

[Celi, let me eat your breast okay?]

Aiwa forcefully lifted her body, sucking Billie’s entire breast inside his mouth.

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