DBW Volume 3 Chapter 7

Volume 3 Chapter 7

The Toad’s Holy Water

TLN: It seems I made a mistake lol.. No nsfw parts in this chapter.. Next chapter is the finale of V3 and has the nsfw part πŸ˜‰ It will be released in a few hours. Although Aiwa eats some suffering in this chapter.. the revenge in the next one is simply hehe …

[What is this spirit drop? You still haven’t answered me.]

Aiwa asked again.

[This naturally doesn’t exist in every girl’s body. I have cultivated inside this ravine for 10 years and I have never seen a girl possessing spirit drops. Therefore, I held this girl as if she was bestowed by Heavens, this is a innate skill specific to her, if it’s used for cultivation, then it let me quickly increase my power several folds. Tell me, meeting this kind of good luck, would I miss it?]

That woman glanced towards Aiwa and said. She single-mindedly appreciated her beautiful fingernails, seeming not even a little bit anxious that Aiwa may attack her.

[You’re really selfish! In order to increase your power, you sacrifice others, do you have any conscience?]

Aiwa was raged.

[Conscience? What is conscience on this land? You tell me, conscience is worth how much money?]

That woman not only didn’t get angry, she still rubbed her body, directly pushing her towering erect jade peaks on Aiwa’s chest. That tepid and soft touch immediately warmed Aiwa as he smelled the attractive body fragrance emitting from this woman’s body.

Aiwa felt his desire rise in him, he immediately thought, can it be that this woman wants to steal the spirit drop from my body by using this body fragrance to seduce me?

[You can take my spirit drop, why are you harming a girl?]

[You? Aren’t you overestimating yourself? Although you have dou qi and fire control, compared to that small girl, you’re completely worthless, your body doesn’t have any spirit drops. How can a stinky man’s body have this thing? Even if it’s there, I won’t be able to absorb it inside my body. Hehe, you contrarily seem like an affectionate and true man, ready to sacrifice yourself to save her, only even if you have it, I won’t want it, I can only help you if satisfy my condition.]

Saying this, that woman raised her head, sending lovely and charming glances towards Aiwa, the slight swaying of her lovely and soft body made Aiwa’s entire body warm up.

[What condition? Say it. If it’s something I can do then I agree.]

Aiwa said decisively. This was the only choice left.

[What condition? I want your head; can you give it to me?]

That woman directly pressed her body against Aiwa’s, that boneless softness was very alluring.

[What will you do by taking my head? My head won’t be able to make you happy.]

Aiwa made a great effort to balance his body. Although that woman was sticking her body to him like this, he didn’t dare to set out his hand to feel her up, as if she was a blood sucking devil.

[Tell me, in which place can you make me happy?]

That woman slowly raised her face, slightly opening her red lips, she hungrily gazed towards Aiwa.

Aiwa embarrassingly glanced towards Wuya.

[Aren’t you a woman? He is a man, at which place would he be able to make you happy? Won’t you understand once you strip his clothes?]

Wuya directly plunged into the subject; she was already depressed and now, after looking at this shameless woman stick her body to Aiwa, still putting out a flirtatious appearance made Wuya loathe her. She thought to herself: [Aiwa must use his huge partner to fuck her into confusion, let’s see if she’s still able to flirt like this then!]

[I know he is a man. I am a woman, when did I say he’s not a man?]

That woman couldn’t understand Wuya; rather, she kept on sending charming glances towards Aiwa. She lifted her jade arm, gently caressing Aiwa’s face using her bamboo shoot like finger. Her speaking tone and style were very languid as if she was almost asleep.

[My … … mind is pretty good, however, my lower body is also pretty good. I like using my lower body to communicate with women, that kind … … makes it a bit convenient.]

Although Aiwa didn’t dare to exchange blows with this woman, he knew this woman was very ferocious. However, after seeing her flirtatious manner, he felt that if he could raise some love in her, it would definitely lead to a tasty path. Therefore, he couldn’t help but think of provoking this woman burning with desire. If he wasn’t worried about her ferociousness, then he would have already set out against her. [Am I … … no good? Why aren’t you embracing me … …]

[I want to … … but let’s find some other place! Doing it here … … doesn’t seem very proper?]

Aiwa didn’t dare to be sure that this woman wanted to have sex with her, but he had no choice but to go along with her.

That woman’s body suddenly straightened, immediately getting away from Aiwa’s chest. Maybe it was because she felt that erect penis at Aiwa crotch pressing against her underbelly.

[If you want to save your woman, then follow me!]

That woman tiptoed on the ground and jumped; her body softly fell on top of the cliff. When her body escaped from him, Aiwa found that there was a small cave behind her which could let a person enter inside it.

That woman stood on top of the cliff and laughed towards Aiwa, as if she was waiting for Aiwa to perform a show. Aiwa raised his head to look, that cave was located at the 1/3rd position of the cliff. Its distance was too far to be able to jump across the ravine, and if he jumped down from the cliff, he would die a horrible death by relying on his tiny skill. [Good Older sister, your ability is so large; you might as well take us along with you! We two are from a general generation, how can we have such huge magical power like you?]

Aiwa fawned towards that woman standing on the cliff. If she was an ugly woman then it was nothing, but unfortunately, her looks were very charming, one look made Aiwa’s heart itch. On one hand, he is saving Beira, and he can take some small advantages on this woman’s body. What could he have against it?

[If you don’t come up, don’t think you can save your woman! However, that girl won’t die; she merely won’t be able to practice martial arts that’s all, what’s wrong with that? A girl getting spoiled by a man is also pretty good.]

That woman said.

[Good Older Sister, You don’t know, she is Tanzya’s Princess! Without martial arts, who will listen to her orders? Wouldn’t this drop her authority?]

Aiwa couldn’t find any other reason to persuade this witch.

[Why should her matters concern me? If you’re thinking of coming up, then come quickly, or else I’m going to sleep!] Saying this, that woman turned and entered the cave.

Aiwa and Wuya looked at each other in dismay at the valley floor.

[If not, why don’t you slowly climb up?! I’ll stay underneath to protect you.]

Wuya’s face was vehement.

[I’m so heavy; you’ll be able to protect me? If it happens, it would be wonder if you’re not smashed into mincemeat! You return first and attend to Beira! If I die, there’s no need to receive my corpse, it would be very ugly, just let my handsome image forever be left in your heart!]

Aiwa made a brave and unafraid of dying expression.

[Aiwa, then let’s not go up! Didn’t that woman say? There won’t be any danger to Beira’s life, she at most won’t be able to practice martial arts, that kind there would be no need to fight and kill others, and wouldn’t it be peaceful?]

Wuya pulled Aiwa’s clothes, wanting to prevent him from climbing the rocks. It seemed to her that this matter was really difficult, if Aiwa dies, not only would Beira not be saved, she also wouldn’t have the desire to live anymore.

[What are you saying? You want to substitute her in the future? Kayseri has already conferred you the tile of Princess, be content with that!]

Aiwa glared towards Wuya, again gazing towards that lofty cliff.

At this time, he discovered a 10,000 year old rattan hanging a place 2 zhang in front of him.

Aiwa was surprised.

[What are you looking at?]

Aiwa pointed towards that rattan and asked Wuya.

[Just now it seems as if this rattan wasn’t here? What’s going on?]

Wuya also couldn’t understand. Just now she made sure that there wasn’t anything that could help in climbing the cliff, how could she have missed this rattan?

[Perhaps we didn’t notice it just now! Maybe the Heavens have opened its eyes, letting me go up and put that woman in her place!]

Waiting till this time, Aiwa still had the mood to play jokes with Wuya.

However, Wuya thought it was very strange, it seemed as if that rattan had sprouted out of nowhere. She doubtfully looked towards that rattan.

[It doesn’t matter if it makes it possible to enter that woman’s cave.]

[You think it would be good to advance inside that woman’s cave?]

Wuya also made a pun and laughed, [We’ll go up together.]

TLN: If someone didn’t get it the pun here is that Aiwa meant to enter the cave inside which the woman went and Wuya meant for him to enter her cave(pussy).

[You want to fall to your death? This single rattan can only support a single person’s weight.]

[You go up first, then I’ll come up or else I won’t feel relieved.]

Aiwa also didn’t argue anymore, thinking to himself: [You also won’t be able to reach this 2 zhang height.]

He tried to find a highland, lifting his feet with qi, his body suddenly dashed and jumped towards that rattan, accurately grabbing that rattan’s tip.

Getting hold of the rattan, Aiwa wasn’t anxious anymore, relying on his strong hands, he climbed up as if he was flying.

At the time Aiwa had almost reached the cave entrance, that woman suddenly appeared, she held a long sword in her hand and stood there with a smile.

Aiwa had no choice but to stop.

[You cannot say I haven’t kept my word, I came up with great difficulty, you … …]

Soon that woman’s sword slowly fell on the rattan, if her sword chopped off the rattan, Aiwa was sure to die. Right now, the valley wind was blowing against her skirt, letting him look at the spring scenery inside it. However, how could Aiwa have the time to appreciate it right now?

[Coming up or not is your matter, chopping this rattan or not is my matter.]

That woman was hardly worried about Aiwa gazing inside her skirt; she squatted down and pinched Aiwa’s face. Aiwa firmly grabbed that rattan, a little scared in his heart.

[Good Older Sister, be a bit reasonable … …]

Aiwa made a helpless expression, who asked him to meet this person whose skill was greater than his? Right now, it was the time for the hero to show off his glib-tongue. He hardly dared to look down; that height was almost around 10 zhang if he fell down then it would be a horrible death.

[You really want to sleep with me?]

That woman’s satiny finger pinched Aiwa’s face, this made Aiwa feel humiliated, but what could he do? Today he could only let this stinky lady take advantage of him!

[Hehe, I … … I was joking!]

Aiwa feared that this woman would chop off the rattan in anger, that’s why he took back the words he had spoken before.

[So actually, you were making fun of me?]

Saying this, that woman moved the sword, lightly touching the rattan with it; that rattan broke in a flash! Aiwa’s body followed that rattan and fell … …

[Good Older Sister, save me! I really want to sleep with you … …]

When he was falling, Aiwa didn’t feel like having any regrets and spoke out his heartfelt intentions. He yelled, thinking that it was over; he would surely become a meat patty!

When he as falling in midair, he suddenly felt a delicate hand grab his arm, afterwards his body also floated up.

He discovered that he was saved by that woman!

Since Aiwa was heavy, that woman slowly flew up towards the cave but this made Aiwa enjoy the feeling of getting held by that small satiny hand.

Just now, looking at Aiwa’s body falling down rapidly, Wuya was scared and became unable to speak, and now, after seeing Aiwa being grabbed by that woman, her heart calmed down, she continuously comforted her bosom, from where it seemed that her heart was almost going to jump out.

When Aiwa was dropped at the cave entrance by that woman, he was already confused and disoriented, and directly embraced the woman.

[It’s all right!]

That woman quite disdainfully shook off Aiwa who was hugging her hand, and walked inside the cave. At this time, Aiwa opened his eyes to see the circumstances inside the cave.

It wasn’t that spacious inside the cave, but it could also be considered to be a place of charm and beauty. It was very clean; each nook was covered with aromatic herbs, spreading a sweet scent inside the entire cave. Aiwa thought to himself: [80% of this woman’s body fragrance must have been dyed by these aromatic herbs.]

It was not known that [Bed] was made up from which plant’s branches, but it appeared pretty good. That woman went inside the cave and lied down on her bed. She enjoyed lying on her back, that originally erect chest seemed more lofty now, separating her thin muslin, Aiwa could even clearly see her areola.

Aiwa exerted all of his strength to gulp down the saliva.

[I … … can I drink some water?]

Aiwa was very thirsty, getting tossed around by this woman, his spirit was already weary.

[Water is over there, go and drink yourself.]

That woman lazily lied there as she pointed towards a stone cauldron not far from her and said. Aiwa hurriedly went near that stone cauldron, there was a worn out ladle made of plants and fruits beside it. Aiwa thought that it was surely used by her to drink water, it was really simple and crude, how could it compare to the gold and silverware in the Generalissimo’s home? However he was very thirsty, and unable to consider all this.

He picked the ladle up and filled the ladle full with the water from the stone cauldron; it still wasn’t enough to for him drink satisfactorily! That water was abnormally clear and cold, reaching the belly, it made his entire body feel pleasant.


Aiwa comfortably exhaled a breath; it felt to him that it was like sweet rain drops falling from the heaven!

When Aiwa was about to fill the ladle for the second time, he discovered a huge toad inside the stone cauldron! That toad’s body was swollen at several small regions, Aiwa was most afraid of this thing in his childhood.

Aiwa was frightened and immediately leaped out. If it weren’t for that woman stopping him with her hand, he would have directly rushed out of the cliff.

Aiwa leaned in her embrace not daring to budge.

[You really have no future prospects, isn’t it just a toad? Unexpectedly frightening you like this?]

That woman disdainfully pushed Aiwa away, but Aiwa tightly embraced her not daring to move. He had seen many frightening toads, but he had never seen such a huge toad, especially those swollen lumps on its body, thinking of them made Aiwa feel like vomiting. He unexpectedly drank one ladle full water in which toad had dipped!

One kind of vomiting feel immediately bubbled up from Aiwa’s belly. In order to not make this daoist immortal cave dirty, Aiwa had no choice but to lean outside the cave and vomit.

[Aiwa, what happened to you? Did you get poisoned by that woman?]

Wuya was waiting underneath, and Aiwa also didn’t reply to her after coming out. Aiwa waved his hand to her as he was unable to reply due to vomiting.

[Bad woman!]

Seeing Aiwa’s painfully vomiting, she thought to herself: [He was alright when he went up, how could he start vomiting after such a short time, that bad woman surely harmed him.]

Since it was the road to disaster, she directly scolded facing the cave.

[You mustn’t waste my treasure, that holy water was something I specially extracted from that Divine Toad I’m raising, even I hate to part with it and drink it! I decided to let you drink it after seeing your poor health, but you vomited it out, really unable to tell good from bad!]

That woman lied on the bed as she said while sighing.

[What bullshit holy water, looks completely nauseating!]

Aiwa scolded while vomiting; however he only scolded that nauseating water and didn’t dare to directly scold that woman.

[What use would I have in deceiving you? If I wanted to harm you, you think you could have lived until now?]

That woman sent a disdainful glance towards Aiwa, [I say you are afraid after getting duped by a woman?]

That woman was no doubt indicating towards Wuya down the cliff.

Aiwa was at a loss for words. If it wasn’t for getting duped by Wuya, would he have reached this demonic Khalila Canyon from that small wine shop?

[It’s all because of you, duping me to come to this ghost region!]

Aiwa vomited again, roaring towards Wuya standing down the cliff.

[What happened? Who duped you? Aren’t you getting confused by the poison administered by that woman, how can you not recognize your family? I am Wuya!]

Wuya had kind intentions but suffering Aiwa’s criticism, she naturally felt wronged; she forgot that she had knocked out Aiwa and seized Aiwa till Tanzya; moreover Aiwa had to come to this place called Death Valley of Khalila for her and Beira.

After seeing no change in Aiwa after the explanation, Wuya sighed continuously: [Finished, really finished, mind is all unclear!]

[Your mind is unclear! Stinky woman.]

After Aiwa rained curses, he unexpectedly felt his strength gradually rise up. After using the dou qi fire to beat the God Wolves, he had used a huge amount of his energy, affecting his vitality, if not, when he was healing that maid, with her fair skin, he would have already overwhelmed her and held her. Originally his physical strength was unable to hold up, again he crawled up this 10 zhang cliff, how could he have any strength left? Moreover, he was thrown down while climbing, frightening him to death, almost making his soul fly out.

Remembering that woman’s words, Aiwa operated his dou qi again, it was unexpectedly rather smooth and unhindered, furthermore it was more vigorous than before.

If he had known that the water in which the toad had immersed itself would be so much effective, he wouldn’t have vomited even if had died from the nausea!

[Hehe, Daoist Immortal Older Sister, I vomited all the water I drank just now, I’m thirsty now, can I drink it again?]

Aiwa turned his head back and fawned over that woman lying there, making a fake smile on his face.

[If you don’t want to live anymore, then you can drink it again!]

That woman glanced towards Aiwa and said.

[Hehe, didn’t older sister just say that water has a wonderful effect? Now, why are you saying that I won’t live? Let alone I vomited everything I drank just now; there would be no harm in drinking again right?]

Aiwa wiped his mouth and approached that woman, still making a smile across his face, apparently wanting to hold that woman’s tender arm. Merely he was afraid of getting thrown outside the cave by that woman, it would certainly be miserable.

Aiwa thought of bracing himself from the nausea and drinking it, in order to quickly increase his strength again. He didn’t hope to defeat this woman, but he wanted to at least be able to use his big stick to serve this woman well, if not she wouldn’t go and save Beira.

[You understand fart! That toad was raised by me; so I naturally know its habits. After each time the ladle is taken out of the water, not matter how many times, it has always released poison after that, after that the water cannot be drunk for one whole day; you can if you don’t want to live.]

In order to make Aiwa stop making a fuss, she explained the mystery.

[Oh, originally is this way? I still believed older sister didn’t want me to drink! Isn’t it very good to drink that holy water?]

Aiwa couldn’t help but ask. He thought: [If it’s possible, I can come here and steal a drink when this woman is not present here, can’t say for sure one day I’ll also be able to fly in the sky.]

[It’s a really good thing, drinking too much can even kill a person.]

That woman said carelessly.

[Just now, I was thinking of drinking once again, why didn’t you prevent me? Did you really want to see me die?]

Aiwa suddenly widened his eyes and roared. He really gets angry about any affair related to his life.

[Since you vomited it out, what’s the use for me to advise against it? Even if I advised you, you would have surely believed that I’m deceiving you. I know you are a person who’s afraid of getting duped by a person.]

Just now, the dialogue between Wuya and Aiwa had already confirmed this bit.

[Actually it wouldn’t be right to say that she deceived me. As you can see, my looks are very handsome, this girl was once captured by me and confused by my sex appeal, hehe, she couldn’t sleep properly at night and use a method to knock me out, hehe. If not, how would I, a grand Regional Senior Officer of Hass Empire come to this … … place right?]

Aiwa couldn’t help but boast his popularity, wishing to be able to put on a good price tag in front of this woman, if not, there wouldn’t be any capital to haggle with her later.

[I really can’t see what sex appeal you have.]

That woman sized up Aiwa up and down, as if she had acknowledged him just now.

[Hehe, the valuable thing on my body can’t be made out by looking like this.]

Aiwa pretended to be shy and said, but his eyes continuously looked towards the lovely breast peaks on her bosom, wishing he could immediately lean in and eat them.

[The how will you be able to show your value?]

That woman made a lovely laugh.

[Hehe, I won’t hide it from you, I can only show divine might on top of the bed … …]

Aiwa perversely looked towards that woman lying there, with saliva dripping out of his mouth.

[I see your age is still small, but your speaking tone is not at all small.]

That woman stretched her body, glancing towards that sword beside the bed.

[Although my age is not big, but I’m big in some places! For example … …]

Aiwa gazed towards his crotch and suggested.

That woman glanced towards Aiwa’s crotch and carelessly said: [Bring my sword to me.]

Aiwa brought that sword till that woman’s hand and handed it over. He didn’t dare to point that sword towards the counterpart, and pointed the tip towards himself. That thing was very sharp; it could injure a person if they were not careful.

That woman took the sword from Aiwa’s hand, looking that although his age was still light, but still having the manners while handing over the sword; she made a lovely laugh towards him, as if she was praising him. She immediately held the sword hilt in one hand, while the other tested the swords blade edge.

When her fine finger lightly tapped that sword’s blade; it issued a beautiful metal sound. Although Aiwa didn’t do any research about sword weapons, but he knew, only a first rate sword could be like this. Therefore, Aiwa concluded that there was definitely some history behind the sword held in this woman’s hand. Just before, she had just slightly touched the rattan with this sword and it easily broke.

[Older sister must surely be holding a precious sword!]

Aiwa grabbed every opportunity to flatter.

[You want to try?]

That woman raised her head towards Aiwa and asked. [Hehe, let it be! I am not interested towards these weapons.]

[I want to see you understand, test whether or not this is a precious sword?]

Saying this, that woman pointed that sword’s tip towards Aiwa’s navel region.

[Don’t … … don’t … … Daoist Immortal Older Sister; my body’s made of flesh! How can it receive your sword? Just now I saw, that rattan was unable to bear older sister’s light touch … …]

Aiwa still hadn’t finished speaking, that sword tip had already slowly neared his navel region, sticking close to his clothes and moved down. What made Aiwa nervous was that sword unexpectedly stopped on top of his family jewels. She used that sword tip to lightly arouse Aiwa’s cock, enjoying and looking towards it.

Aiwa was going to almost urinate due to the fear, after all if that sword went down, then that thing would definitely be removed. What use be living anymore without that thing,?

[Good Older Sister, you mustn’t jest like this … … you … … take the precious sword back! My body … …]

Aiwa’s complexion changed due to the fear. He didn’t dare to be certain whether this woman would really chop off his darling, but that sharp sword was enough to frighten a person. From childhood till now, he had never experienced this kind of situation.

[Didn’t you say you’ll show your divine might on top of the bed? Make you penis stand up and let me see, whether or not you can satisfy me?]

That woman used that sword to tease Aiwa’s meat spear, not matter how Aiwa tried it couldn’t get hard, it was already soft due to the fear.

However Aiwa quickly ran his mind, he was immediately enlightened with an idea and said: [In all likelihood, older sister is an experienced person, a man’s penis is fond of warmness and not fond of coldness; your sword is ice cold, that’s why it can’t stand up!]

He thought: [Inside this cave, how could there be any another warm thing besides a woman’s warm body? She can only get naked and let me lie on her.]

[Oh! Likes warmth? I almost forgot, this sword can also warm up!]

Saying this, that woman suddenly exhaled a breath; Aiwa immediately saw flames surge up along the swords hilt, that sword instantly changed into a fire sword, Aiwa retreated one step back from the fear.

[Good Older Sister, you are going to cause my death.]

Huge changes appeared on Aiwa’s face.

[Hahaha … … didn’t you say that a man’s penis likes warmness? Don’t tell me my sword isn’t warm enough?]

That woman laughed.

[Hehe, Good Older Sister, you still haven’t tasted my this divine tool’s goodness, if it’s hurt then the gains wouldn’t make up for the losses.]

Along with that woman’s laughter, that fire on that sword blade also disappeared.

[You come over.]

The witch laughed.

Aiwa had no alternative and walked over. That sword jabbed towards Aiwa’s crotch region again, that woman’s jade wrist shook lightly, and that sword tip passed by with a lightning speed … …

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