DBW Volume 3 Chapter 8

Volume 3 Chapter 8

Conquering The Witch

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When that woman lifted the sword, Aiwa had already closed his eyes from the fear, thinking: [Finished! My penis is surely done for!]

Although there wasn’t any feeling, thinking that from now on he won’t be a man anymore, Aiwa couldn’t help but shriek loudly. That woman’s sword slowly moved away from the tip of Aiwa’s nose, afterwards she threw that sword towards the wall. Listening to the screeching sound, Aiwa opened his eyes to look at that sword neatly go inside its sheath hanging on the wall!

At this time, Aiwa subconsciously moved his hand towards his lower body, he didn’t know whether that hanging male weapon was still at its original position.

Feeling that thing still hanging there, he simply went mad from the elation.

[It’s still there!]

Aiwa’s happiness could be felt in his words. However, when he bowed down his head to look, he saw that his clothes were sliced at the crotch region which made that meat spear stick out.

Aiwa quickly used his hands to cover the hanging weapon which had come out.

[Didn’t you want to fuck me?]

That woman was still lying there, not even showing a little bit of shyness, as if what happened just now was an ordinary affair; similar to eating food and drinking matter. She slowly closed her eyes, waiting for Aiwa to come on top of the bed.

[I … … can begin here?]

Aiwa didn’t dare to be sure of his ears. Not only did she not cut off his penis, she still wanted him to fuck her? Inside this cave!

[Then where do you think we’ll go?]

That woman impatiently opened her eyes and asked.

[All right, we’ll do it here! We’ll do it here!]

He quickly agreed, afraid that this woman would transform again.

Right now, perhaps because of drinking that toad water, Aiwa felt quite energetic. He couldn’t get erect before because of getting scared by this woman, but he believed he was strong as ever.

Aiwa cautiously walked in front of the bed, not daring to get on top of it as he really wasn’t sure whether or not this woman would suddenly turn hostile again. However after looking at this woman lying there with her eyes half narrowed, his male thing gradually started reacting. Though this woman was very enigmatic, she was absolutely a first class beautiful woman. Her lovely sticking out breast peaks, exquisite curves, dainty cheeks, were none which could be made a fuss about, again her slender beautiful legs overwhelmed him.

[What should I call you?]

Aiwa stooped his body, still not daring to caress her breast peaks.

[Call me whatever you want. Don’t you think I am a witch? Then call me a witch.]

That woman opened her eyes slightly to look towards Aiwa and closed them again.

[How can you be called a witch? Only heinous humans can be called a witch, you are not bad; you should be called a fairy.]

Aiwa continued to flatter her, afraid of stirring up this woman’s anger.

[Still, calling me a witch suits me. I am not a fairy, call me a witch!]

That woman said with her eyes still closed.

[Hehe, even if I called you a witch, that was also to be intimate, I didn’t have any malice. Shall I call you Witch Older Sister then?]

Aiwa probed out.

[You can.]

[Witch Older Sister, then … … can I be a bit rude?]

Aiwa didn’t dare to set his hand out to caress that alluring body.

[Are you still a man?]

The Witch opened her eyes to glance towards Aiwa’s crotch, however, it was already swollen and red hard, as if a snake had crawled out from the crotch region, [Why haven’t you stripped your clothes, you want to sleep with your clothes on the bed?]

The witch coquettishly protested.

[I’ll strip, I’ll strip.]

Aiwa quickly stooped down, removing the clothes that witch had cut open which revealed his body’s well-built muscles. That woman admired as she sized him up. Aiwa could make out that she was quite fond of him from her expression, so he had some confidence in himself.

Aiwa thought: [If I don’t satisfy you today, you won’t promise me to cure Beira, therefore I must use all I’ve got to satisfy you, moreover, make you promise me at the time you’re suffering the most.]

So, before going on the bed, Aiwa silently read the incantations, carrying out the Yin Technique. To handle such a valiant woman, using any other method wouldn’t work.

After reading a few times, a pink fog pervaded inside the entire cave, this dense fog had an aphrodisiac effect. Although the witch was highly skilled in martial arts, she also couldn’t see this dense fog. Not waiting for Aiwa to come up, that Witch unconsciously started groping her breasts.

[Oh … … come quickly aah … …]

The Witch groped her breasts with closed eyes while moving her body slightly.

[All right, I’m coming!]

Aiwa courageously went on top of the bed, however, he wasn’t in a hurry to undo her clothes, and rather lied beside her and used his hand to massage her girlish breasts.

[Is this comfortable?]

Aiwa massaged her breasts and provoked her. He liked hearing a woman speak out her feelings.

[Oh … … very comfortable, like this … …]

That woman crossed her legs as her breast got massaged by Aiwa’s big hand.

Aiwa’s hand was soft and hard at times, sometime grabbing, sometimes massaging, making those breasts flat and round and flat again. In order to provoke her libido, Aiwa released his two lewd serpents. Those two lewd serpents were already different from before, their growth followed with their master’s growth, and their ability to bewitch a woman also becomes greater. Aiwa’s two snakes entered inside that witch’s skirt, reaching directly the destination. The witch didn’t know they were snakes, she only felt as if there was a meat spear softly studying her vulva. Actually when that snake licked her labia, her body which has been lonely for many years and resembled a pile of firewood, suddenly ignited into huge flames.

[Oh … … wu … …]

The Witch was not all anxious that Aiwa still hadn’t pierced her pussy; she also wanted this pleasure to last a bit longer, even if Aiwa barely caressed her body, she felt very satisfied.

After Aiwa played with her breasts for some time, he used his mouth to suck the nipple through the muslin clothes. He occasionally bit her erect nipple, also sucking more than half of her breast inside his mouth from time to time; this made the Witch’s body feverish.

The Witch’s hand also couldn’t help but caress Aiwa’s body as her slender finger aimlessly caressed him, not knowing where to place her finger.

[Wu … … oh … …]

She moaned as she writhed her body, wishing she could make her whole breast go inside Aiwa’s mouth. Her muslin garments were already moist with Aiwa’s saliva, her captivating red and erect nipple could clearly been seen through her muslin clothes.

The two lewd snakes released by Aiwa were the manifestation of his thoughts, and weren’t real bodies, therefore, although they were visible they were nevertheless incorporeal; moreover they cannot survive after separating from their master’s thoughts. They moved according to their master’s thoughts, wherever the master thoughts said to move, they quickly made their way over there. However, this operating range was very small, they cannot leave a radius of 2 zhang from their master, but inside this region, not matter which position on a woman’s body the master wanted to touch, those lewd serpents made their way till there. In other words, lewd serpents were the feelers made from the master’s thoughts. To be a bit blunt, those lewd serpents were equal to being the master’s two extra hands.

Right now, those sensitive positions on the witch’s body were being touched by Aiwa’s lewd serpents. From the witch’s perspective, it was as if Aiwa was using his hands to caress that her genitalia, digging it out. Moreover, those lewd serpents movement were comparable to Aiwa’s hands, seeming more soft and erotic, expressing the master’s sexual fantasy to the pinnacle.

Aiwa used his teeth to bite her erect nipple, sometimes softly and sometimes hardly. The biting caused the witch to show a painful expression on her face sometimes, but that pain would be soon submerged inside the pleasure brought over her entire body.

Aiwa used a lewd serpent to explore that witch’s flesh hole; her flesh was exceptionally delicate, but also full of tension. Whenever that snake’s head drilled inside her, she unconsciously clamped her vagina, thereby receiving the pleasure. At this time, those intense merry feelings followed and reached inside Aiwa’s thoughts.

Right now, passion was already ignited inside the witch’s body and soul, her hand couldn’t help but move towards Aiwa’s crotch and grip his already erect thick meat rod as her another hand moved towards her navel and pulled her skirt up.

[Oh … … I … … feel hot … …]

Her soft hair swayed along with her head’s movement, some of them were on top of her face, exhibiting a very lewd expression.

Her breasts lightly trembled along with her body’s movement; her nipples were already moist due to getting sucked by Aiwa, protruding out of that soaked muslin garment, seeming very tempting.

Seeing that the witch’s thoughts were already bewildered due to the passion, Aiwa also wasn’t cautious anymore, he simply grabbed her collar and forcefully pulled, her muslin garment made a chi sound and split open till her navel. Two glorious white meat flowers plunged out of that crevice, trembling on her snow white silky bosom. The skirt at her lower body wrapped up against her, sticking to her flat and smooth underbelly. Her body continuously moved and the curves on her belly also moved along with her movements.

Seeing that the lewd serpents have already shown the results, Aiwa simply received them back and directly stretched his hand inside her skirt, feeling her calf and thigh on the way. Her leg was very smooth, similar to silk cloth. When that hand reached her genitalia, he clearly felt it was already muddy there, completely filled with liquids.

However, Aiwa didn’t touch her vulva directly, rather only moved around on her thighs, this made the witch’s desire burn even more. Right now, she was eagerly looking forward to Aiwa, her hand immediately brought that long thing in her hands near her tormented and craving flesh hole, to stop that burning feel inside her.

She made a great effort to pull Aiwa’s thick thing towards her body. When a woman recklessly wanted a man to pierce her, it showed how intense her desire was! However, Aiwa who had got on top of several women was not even a least bit anxious; he turned his body around, and twisted that Witch’s body. His two hands clasped her butts, separating her skirt, he started sucking her vulva. Aiwa’s thick thing also reached that witch’s face, that hotness was similar to an iron stick, making the witch excited. When Aiwa started sucking her genitalia, that witch also sucked that hyperaemic meat spear inside her mouth.

Aiwa slowly took off the Witch’s skirt till her thighs, looking at the small obscene clothes under them. Aiwa’s hands pulled them and they were torn into two pieces, exposing a woman’s most hidden place, scarlet and delicate, that flesh hole overflowing with sexual secretions opened and closed there. Aiwa used his hands to separate her two shy legs to either side, lush pubic hair was above her genitalia, zigzagging, scattered in a regular triangle shape.

Aiwa’s mouth lightly pressed forward, when it was just about to touch her vulva, he felt that witch’s body tremble from the wave of intoxication because his tongue was poking her clitoris. It was a woman’s most sensitive region; a single touch there could make a woman excited.

[En … … En … …]

The witch sucked Aiwa’s thick meat spear in and out as she moaned. Aiwa’s sucking made her tender flesh feel very pleasurable. She continuously moved her waist, making her genitalia grind against Aiwa’s mouth.

As Aiwa kept licking it gradually became more vigorous as it proceeded, suddenly increasing its pace, pressing the lips against her clitoris, using the tongue’s tip to sweep over her labia, that witch’s body immediately convulsed. She immediately released that meat spear from her mouth, holding it in her hands.

[Oh … … aah … … wu … …]

Along with her waves of yelling, sexual secretions surged out of her flesh hole, Aiwa knew that this woman’s body was overflowing with energy, so he hurriedly ingested them inside his body, sucking at one side as he transformed it into his own energy.

[Aah … … pierce me … … don’t … … don’t lick … …]

The Witch was already tormented by Aiwa’s mouth, wanting to stop but can’t, not matter how she moved her crotch, the rubbing between her genitalia and Aiwa’s mouth made her feel intense pleasure, this was an issue which simply couldn’t be solved.

However, Aiwa didn’t listen to her, and rather brought that thick meat spear till her mouth, and pushed that meat spear deep inside her throat. Aiwa thought: [Since this woman is so ferocious, it would be impossible for her to be unable to bear it] so, he stabbed his meat rod until the depths.

The witch resisted, that scorching meat rod thrust inside her throat ten times. When Aiwa took it out of her mouth, he turned his head to discover that the Witch’s face had already become perverted; it was surely the result of his thrusting. Aiwa’s heart couldn’t help but feel satisfied.

[Where do you want me to insert now?]

Aiwa questioned her although he already knew the answer. He saw saliva flow out of the witch’s mouth due to sucking his cock just now.

[Oh … … quickly insert it below … … it’s itching to death … …]

The Witch’s hands massaged her breasts, it’s a pity there wasn’t any mother’s milk inside them, if not it would have sprayed on top of Aiwa’s face. Aiwa slapped that Witch’s butt, she stuck her perfectly round butt out on her own initiative, separating her legs, bringing that scarlet cave mouth towards Aiwa, Aiwa also leisurely advanced forward, and softly jabbed a small section of that cock inside her.

[Wu … … deeper … … inside … …]

The witch’s face was totally intoxicated, and at the same time also filled with a tint of embarrassment. Her clothes were already messy and unable to cover her body.

Although she was embarrassed, she had no choice but to listen to Aiwa’s arrangements. Although she matched up with Aiwa’s demands, he didn’t stick in his entire cock as she desired. He supported his body and only made his glans penis thrust in and out of her flesh hole at high speed. The faster the thrusting became, more it made a woman fell unwell, because a woman’s desire was stimulated very quickly, but it was difficult to satisfy it, that’s the main reason for a woman to like a man with a thick penis. A small thing could only make a woman itch, but not solve the problem.

[Oh … … Aiwa … … can’t you go a bit deeper? I request you … … this is making me feel unwell … …]

The Witch continuously moved her body around, but no matter how she moved, she couldn’t suck Aiwa’s cock inside her flesh hole. [Then I’ll also request a thing from you, will you promise me?]

Aiwa set off a slow rhythm and asked.

[I’ll promise you anything you want … … quickly insert it … … it feels very unwell … …]

[I want you to cure Beira, can you do it?]

Aiwa’s body stopped, he had to let this woman feel as if she won’t be able to endure this.

[All right … … I’ll cure her … … quick … … it’s itching … …]

Sexual secretions continuously sprayed out of her flesh hole, making Aiwa’s glans penis feel waves of warmth. Her labia quite powerfully clamped on his glans penis; however those two small labia really couldn’t be compared to that strong vagina, and were simply unable to catch hold of Aiwa’s glans penis. The rubbing between her glans penis and her small labia as she tried to clamp him already made her experience her second orgasm.

However, Aiwa knew that although this woman had promised to do it right now, she may not cure Beira later. After getting satisfied, she may even fall out and become hostile towards him.

Therefore Aiwa immediately recalled a method, that was to put a Gu inside her body, and the Gu Aiwa was going to put was a chaste Gu, a woman who has received a chaste Gu had to be forever under the Guist’s control. In this way, if the Witch didn’t listen to Aiwa, the he could use the Gu to torment her body. The most important thing was that after the chaste Gu was administered, she couldn’t sleep with another man anymore, if her heart had any wicked intentions, then that chaste Gu would start tormenting her.

TLN: Gu= Legendary Venomous Insect, Guist= A Gu controller

This was something Aiwa had learned from a heretical school in East Empire; therefore even his tutor also didn’t know that he had this skill in his hand. However, it was impossible for Aiwa to put a chaste Gu inside every woman, because that would consume too much of his energy and essence power, every time the chaste Gu is operated, Aiwa’s body and mind both had a corresponding sensation. Therefore if a chaste Gu is put inside the body of many women, then he won’t feel peaceful anymore.

And using this chaste Gu on this Witch’s body was an inevitable matter. If it wasn’t to cure Beira, he also didn’t want to consume almost 1/10th of his energy to do this thing.

[Remember your words! You should know that every woman who has promised me but broken that promise has never had a good end, although it’s up to you whether to believe it or not.]

Aiwa slowly inserted that meat spear till the depths, making her experience his cock’s wonderful skill.

Aiwa’s cock could enlarge and shrink according to his thoughts, after going half the distance inside her, he already used his thoughts to make that cock twice its usual size, that brimming sensation immediately made that witch feel satisfied.

[I promise to cure her, quick … … go deeper … …]

Right now, the witch already didn’t care about what condition Aiwa spoke about, if only Aiwa satisfied her desire, she was ready to agree to anything, because that it wasn’t easy for a human to suffer that desire’s torment. At present, she felt as if there were 10 million small insects biting inside her flesh hole.

Aiwa stooped down his body and bit her nipple, at the same time, he inserted that cock deep inside her flesh hole, making that huge glans penis directly touch her uterus.

His chaste Gu mingled inside his semen, after Aiwa moved his thoughts, that slumbering chaste Gu slowly started to wake up and moved around in his vas deferens, waiting for the master’s orders.

Aiwa bumped that huge scorching glans penis against the Witch’s uterus, each bump made her body tremble, but the pleasure from it also made her unable to think about anything else.

[Oh … … pleasant … … very comfortable … …]

Her body responded to Aiwa’s ramming as she moaned. Those already weren’t moans and seemed like yelling to Wuya who was down the cliff.

Wuya raised her neck to be able to listen to the sounds above, after a long time, her neck was already sour, but those voices were really alluring, from that Witch’s yelling, she could imagine how much this woman enjoyed getting fucked by Aiwa.

[Aiwa, are you all right?]

Wuya was bored to death under the cliff and couldn’t help but yell towards Aiwa using a horn.

[It’s extremely comfortable; this woman’s pussy is very vigorous! A bit more powerful when compared to you, her clamping makes me feel very pleasant!]

Aiwa worked on that Witch’s body as he yelled towards the cave exit. He wanted Wuya to know how much he was enjoying riding this woman’s body.

Aiwa released her nipple and kissed her neck. That huge cock pumped inside her flesh hole in an unrestrained manner, that violent pleasure couldn’t help but make the Witch moan.[Aah … … dying … … wu … …]

At this time, that semen mixed with Aiwa’s chaste Gu directly shot insider her uterus. That burning hot semen made the witch feel even more pleasure, making her spray out a wave of sex fluids. Aiwa didn’t miss opportunity to suck in her sex fluids; her energy was sucked inside his body as his body enjoyed the pleasure.

The witch’s body convulsed for a while. She thought of kissing Aiwa’s mouth but his mouth was still kissing her neck as he used that huge glans penis to grind her flesh hole’s abyss.

[Wu … …]

The witch held Aiwa’s head, lifting it from her neck as she pressed her mouth forward to kiss him, that small fragrant mouth advanced towards Aiwa’s mouth. She sucked his tongue, wishing to suck his everything inside her body.

Although he had ejaculated, Aiwa’s cock was still erect and firm. It was quite hard for that already weak Witch to continue bearing it. That intense pleasure had already overwhelmed her vagina, it could only instinctively spasms. However, this gave huge pleasure to Aiwa.

After a long time, Aiwa’s cock also halted its provoking. The witch’s body also calmed down.

[You’re really very fierce! My previous man could never give this kind of pleasure to me!]

The Witch hugged Aiwa’s neck, not letting him come out of her body.

[There’s a person still waiting for me down! Didn’t you promise to cure Princess Beira? You won’t go back on your word’s right?]

Aiwa’s big hand grabbed her well rounded breasts.

[Why are you so anxious? First, let me properly kiss you!]

The Witch madly kissed on Aiwa’s neck, her soft and hot body tangled around Aiwa, but Aiwa was still anxious.

[It can be dangerous if it’s too late.]

Aiwa said with worry.

[First let me take a look at your darling.]

Saying this, the Witch cleaved her legs open, letting Aiwa’s thick cock come out of her flesh hole; it was moistened with that Witch’s secretions.

[Very huge! Come; let me clean it for you!]

The Witch said charmingly.

Aiwa thought she was going to use water to wash it but he didn’t expect that she would make him stand in front of the bed as she lied naked on the bed and used her tongue to lick Aiwa’s long thing. The sensation of her fragrant tongue licking that cock was very wonderful, if Aiwa wasn’t anxious about curing Beira, he would have definitely gotten hard again and cum inside this Witch’s mouth.

The witch carefully licked it, she even licked his testicles clean. Whenever her small tongue swept against his testicles, Aiwa felt his entire body go limp.

[Wu … … Your tongue is pretty good!]

Aiwa couldn’t help but relax his body and because of this, that cock got hard inside the Witch’s mouth again.

[How about I help but you suck it?]

The witch lifted up her charming face, sending a lovely gaze towards Aiwa as she asked this.

Which man didn’t wish to enjoy this? However, Aiwa had a heavy responsibility right now. Before getting Beira’s cure, he also didn’t have the desire to do anything.

[First cure Beira and then say again!]

Aiwa forcibly made that cock go soft.

[Is she that important?]

The Witch sent an unhappy glance towards Aiwa.

[She came to this place because of me, moreover, I promised her mother to protect her. If you keep her spirit drop, then how am I going to explain it to her mother?]

Aiwa felt this Witch was going to break her promise.

[She’s more important than me?]

That Witch merely used her hand to play with Aiwa’s cock, sending a gaze filled with expectation towards Aiwa as she asked this.

[You are also important. How can I save Beira without you?]

Aiwa feared that this Witch didn’t hold Beira as anything.

[Not matter what you say; you did all this for that little slut. If it weren’t for saving her, you also wouldn’t have satisfied me, right?]

The Witch was clearly displeased with Aiwa’s explanation. She had very difficultly found a man who could satisfy her after spending 10 years inside this ravine, but he hurt her heart like this.

[No. Witch Older Sister’s appearance is like a fairy, which man’s heart couldn’t be moved? Looking at you once made me intoxicated, I really want to marry you and make you my wife.]

In order to fawn over this witch, Aiwa caressed her plump and soft body.

[Don’t call me Witch Older Sister again, I have a famous name.]

She pouted her mouth in anger.

[Tell me, what is your name?]

[Call me Lisa. You think I am a woman who sleeps with any man? If I speak out my history, it will scare you to death!]

Lisa haughtily rolled over on the bed after releasing Aiwa’s cock.

[Really? Why don’t you say it then? What is the history behind you?]

Aiwa looked towards Lisa who was acting in anger and asked. This woman’s childish temper appearance was very good-looking, however, hearing her words, Aiwa felt that her age was not small, it was at least several times his age. Looking at her figure, she seemed to be at most 18-9 years old, this bewildered Aiwa, therefore he was interested towards her history.

[Let it be. There is no use in speaking it to you, you wouldn’t know it. I’m going to sleep now, you can go!]

Lisa turned her body, making her back face towards Aiwa, not even sending him off.

[It’s such a high cliff, how do you want me to go down? It can’t be that you want me to fall to my death down this cliff after you satisfied your desire right?]

Seeing this woman act so shamelessly, Aiwa also couldn’t help but get angry. He had seen many shameless women, but it was the first time he had seen a woman shameless to this extent!

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