15 thoughts on “DBW Volume 4 Chapter 6

  1. Hey, can you please post the chapter here?
    I really don’t want to go to lightnovels.world because that site has too much redirect ad, and it was worse! Just 3 second after i click the link, it will redirect me to another ad! And even adblock can’t even help me…

    You ask why i post my complain here and not to lightnovels.world? Because i can’t even open that website without even got redirected!

    So, my suggestion is, please post the chapter at that place and this place (both), put the link in NU to lightnovels.world, how about that? It’s a win win situation don’t you think?


  2. Please don’t ruin your credibility by posting your quality work on a site made just to make money using ads that attacks and vialotes the users.

    Please atleast post it on as site with ad sense or make your own site.

    If you continue to do this you will lose your fans and readers.


  3. are you guys still translating this? It seems to have been a while since the last update – just curious if it’s purely a donation issue or some other reason. Grazie!


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