Imp : Reg. Popads at LNW!!

I spoke with the Admin of LNW. Popads and Redirect Ads have been removed completely now.  šŸ™‚

@Hazery, @SpaceNinja and others who had faced problems due to ads: You should able to read easily now. 

P.S : If you’re still facing any problems, use the contact page here or at LNW. šŸ™‚

Next chapter updates of DBW and PDL will be after Nov.4

5 thoughts on “Imp : Reg. Popads at LNW!!

  1. Good luck with your finals! I would also like to ask if you know someone who might be willing to translate Grasping Evil. I just found out that translator Bao dropped it almost a month ago. If no one’s wants pick it up we can just send a request for pickup to NU around 2 months from now. I’d ask if you could try to translate it, but I know you’re already busy with a bunch of projects.


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