DBW Volume 5 Summary

Volume 5:

Content Summary :

On the way back to Favargo, Aiwa encountered the attack of four fencers sent by the Wolf Kingdom. Turning the peril into safety successfully, he also seized this opportunity to eliminate the hoodlums within Favargo and thus resolving its internal and external troubles.

After returning back to Montelago City, Aiwa was immediately sent to the front line by Her Majesty The Queen. Surprisingly, Aiwa adapted a neutral stance throughout the battle. During the celebratory victory night, Aiwa came to a lively bar accompanied by Corporal-ranked female soldiers…

TLN: Stay tuned at LNW for the next update!!! 🙂

P.S: Forgot to mention this in last post: Regular Chapters for DBW is now 3 per week and no limit to the sponsored chapters for now!!

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