Alright guys and gals.. After several short breaks and a long one from Tling due to irl crap including exams… I’m finally back XD.

If you still haven’t read the v4c7 and v4c8 of DBW head over here asap:



Note: Good news for you ero-readers! Vacation has begun and it’s quite long (almost 50 days XD .. approx. 2 months and i’m free.. the link for sponsored chapters for DBW will be up at here as well as at LNW soon!! Sponsored chaps for other series will also be up as I resume TLing them šŸ™‚

For the guys: Enjoy the erection — lel — sorry that was a typo — Enjoy the ero-action!

For the gals: Hmmmm…. You know what to do! XD

Let the fun begin again!!!

P.S : A spoiler for you dreamers… I’ll be picking up a JP series soon XD.

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