Amorous Slave Girl Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Sneaking into the Chen Mansion During the Night

Tao’er woke up from her dream suddenly, only to discover a shadow standing beside her bed. She wanted to scream loudly but that shadow extended its hand to cover her mouth. Her panic-stricken eyes opened wide, after all it was night time, this person’s facial features could barely be seen and from the silhouette, the shadow could be made out to be that of a young man with an excellent figure. What was he going to do? Tao’er felt scared.

That man sized Tao’er up carefully. He suddenly bound her hands behind her back and at the same time, the quilt covering her body slid aside. He was surprised to find out that she was completely naked and couldn’t help but say in a small voice: [You are indeed a really attractive little slut!] Tao’er could neither speak or move her hands and could only stare blankly as his scorching sight loitered around her body. He inspected her upper body as he wished before finally stopping at her jade breasts. One of his hands squeezed her huge breasts, lighting kneading them as he praised in a low voice: [Indeed top-quality!] He twisted her tiny nipples with his fingers until they became hard.

Tao’er felt her entire body go hot, writhing here and there in order to avoid his obscene teasing. He released a husky laugh, pulling Tao’er forward. Her entire body stuck on top of his robust body. The dense masculine breath attacked her senses, making her feel somewhat dizzy.

That man held Tao’er within his embrace, caressing her jade body while he dropped several kisses on top of her delicate snow-white body. Her breathing became a little ragged quite soon. That man clutched her slender waist suddenly and raised her up, bringing her huge jade breasts until his mouth. He bowed his head and used his mouth to suck her delicate pink nipples. Waves of limp and numb pleasure spread throughout her body as he used his tongue’s tip to tease her rock hard nipples, using his teeth to lightly bite and pull them. This gave Tao’er an unbearable limp ticklish feeling but she was unable to resist it. She began to pant continuously along with his abnormally coarse breathing burning with desire.

Suddenly, he released Tao’er. Obtaining freedom, she instinctively brandished her tiny hand to push him away. But her those continuous punches were of no threaten to him, instead, it gave rise to a low jeering sound from him.

After that, he pounced towards her, quickly removing his belt and using it to tie Tao’er’s hands at the bed column. She naturally knew what he was going to do. Her heart was filled with worry but she was unable to move her hands and could only user her feet to kick him. However, he used his huge hand to grab her delicate white legs easily and used his other hand to throw her quilt to the ground.

Tao’er’s bare naked body was exposed in front of him. After that, he pried her legs apart energetically, half kneeling between her legs. His sturdy upper body closed in as he lowered his head to suck Tao’er’s mouth enthusiastically. After kissing her for a moment, he moved onto her sensitive ears, sucking her thin earlobes. Tao’er wriggled her body left and right as she tried to escape him. At this time, his hands became all the more brazen as one of his hands toyed with her plump jade breast, using his fingers to twirl the nipple. His other hand but followed along her glossy underbelly until her thighs, gently caressing her tender and lovely pussy, using his middle finger to play with the clit between her labia.

The intense pleasure broke her body as her pussy became wetter. Releasing her clit, that man spoke in a low joyful voice at Tao’er’s ears: [You this little hussy must be really longing for a man’s cock, if not, how can so much sexual secretions come out?] Tao’er wanted to open her mouth to refute but he seized this opportunity to kiss her, tangling his tongue with her tiny tongue.

Tao’er felt powerless all over and could only let out a ‘wu wu’ moan. He kissed her while his finger pushed inside her pussy. Tao’er’s body trembled as her pussy’s vaginal walls tried to squeeze that long finger out. He but gasped lowly at her ear: [Hussy, your hole is really tight, the tight clamping is making me crazy!] Saying this, he got up to swiftly remove his robe getting in the way. Tao’er was dumbstruck when she saw that stiff and rough cock at his lower body as he knelt down between her legs! She was scared, how could her pussy take in a huge cock like that?!

Tao’er struggled to hide to her body. He kissed her cheeks, saying: [Don’t be afraid, the pleasure will bring you to heaven in a moment!] His cock rubbed against her pussy, sometimes softly and others times, roughly. Although Tao’er was afraid, that scorching large stick rubbing her tender pussy made her feel quite pleasant as nectar flowed out of it gradually. His pants became more and more ragged and Tao’er was already swallowed up by the lust. At this moment, he pushed his thick cock inside her pussy. Very huge! Very hot! Tao’er writhed her butt comfortably along with his moans as he made quick and fierce deep thrusts inside her body.

[Hussy! Say! Say that you want me!] He extended his huge hand to squeeze her plump and huge breasts. [En … aaaahhh … gentler … don’t …] Tears appeared at her beautiful eyes as she pleaded in a lovely voice. [You’re not going to say it? Hussy!] He stopped suddenly, watching her lustful flirtatious face sinisterly.

Feeling the empty sensation, she writhed her body continuously, unable to bear the torment of itching from her pussy as she desire for more: [Aaahhh … it’s itching very much … Slave servant is unable to bear it! I beseech you to come in, wu wu … beseech you … to come in quickly …] Her jade legs wrapped around his well-built waist as her pussy sucked on that cock continuously. [Aahhhh … oohh … little slut, you’re clamping so tightly, I really can’t bear it. I’m going to fuck you to your death …]  Roaring these words, he fucked her in a fierce crazed manner.

[Aaahh … so comfortable …. oohh … aaahhh … ohhh … so rough … aahhh … en … so fast … aaahhhh …] Tao’er screamed with a loud voice. Her hands hugged his back tightly as her butt swayed up and down, catering to his intense thrusting. The pleasure made him fuck even more energetically, making his glans touch the uterus with each and every thrust. [I’m dying … so fast … slave servant is going to die … aaahhhh …] Tao’er arched her blushing face backwards as her breasts trembled continuously.

The night went on endlessly. The [pa pa] sounds of sex echoed from inside the room continuously … Tao’er had already lost consciousness due to the man’s fierce thrusting but that man still fucked her pussy untiringly.

[En … Damn it! Why am I unable to sleep?] A curve couldn’t help but raise at Chen Ke’s mouth as he thought of the events that happened yesterday. Thinking of how he had never met a woman who could cause a veteran romantic like him to act impulsively, unexpectedly daring to make love at the rock garden in broad daylight.

Chen ke took a step forward to open the door, thinking of having a happy time with Tao’er again but he was completely stupefied seeing the scene in front of his eyes!

A robust naked man could be seen madly thrusting at Tao’er’s alluring lovely body. It was difficult to make out his identity from the back view and Tao’er was in a unconscious state, merely releasing a few flirtatious moans from time to time. That man also roared passionately and the mixture of these two voices could only let amorous feelings sprout inside a man.  

However, Chen Ke’s complexion went ashen the moment he heard this voice. This was the man who he had regarded as his own brother from his childhood and he was unexpectedly having sex with his beloved woman. [Luo Yu, what are you DOING?! … ] He bellowed towards the man in front of him.

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20 thoughts on “Amorous Slave Girl Chapter 4

  1. Wow! She was screwed till she dropped. The man’s a machine! That must be what they call a marathon man. Poor girl. That’ll be painful after she woke up.

    Thanks for the update!

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    • I’m planning to pause all the other works except LAWS, ASG and DBW soon. Most probably by next week. I’ll be focusing completely on these three to regain the original pace back. Sorry for all the delays.


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