Amorous Slave Girl Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Enjoying The Beautiful Slave Together

The man thrusting fiercely at Tao’er laughed: [What am I doing? You tell me … ] Speaking this, he ignored Chen Ke and continued to fuck Tao’er’s pussy.

[Luo Yu, you …] Chen Ke almost lost his mind from the anger. He strode forwards towards the bed, pulling Luo Yu away from Tao’er, [This woman is mine, you’re not allowed to touch her!] He sent an angry gaze towards the naked man in front, whose lower half was dripping with white thick liquid.

[Your woman? She’s now my woman too!!] Luo Yu looked at Chen Ke coldly.

[You’re going to fight over Tao’er with me?] Chen Ke looked at Luo Yu.

[Fight? This is really funny! Chen Ke, you and I have grown up together from our childhood, just like blood-related brothers. The women whom we’re fond of are shared by us, do you still remember?] Luo Yu also looked towards Chen Ke resentfully.

Saying this, Luo Yu turned around to approach the bed and in spite of Tao’er’s struggles, he grabbed her, making her spread her legs wide and made her sit on top of him. After that, he wantonly fucked Tao’er’s wet and tight pussy in front of Chen Ke.

Tao’er never thought she would have to endure this kind of shame one day, spreading her legs on top of a man like a prostitute, getting her breasts fondled, receiving a thick cock’s continous jabs at her wet pussy. She wanted to turn her head to avoid Chen Ke’s furious gaze but her face was fixed at that position by Luo Yu.

[Chen Ke, your little slut is muddled with pleasure at this moment, come over, let’s fuck her together! Aaahhhh ~~ very pleasant! Oh ~~ little hussy, your wet pussy is clamping very tightly … very pleasant aahhhh ~~] Looking at his good brother Luo Yu enjoy Tao’er’s splendidness, while saying vulgar lewd words with his mouth, Chen Ke clenched his fists tightly.

He looked at the carefree expression on Luo Yu’s face as well as the lascivious pink pussy of Tao’er which was engulfing his thick cock continuously. He exhaled a few deep breaths and untied the belt of the gown, throwing it aside.

Looking at the naked Chen Ke come over towards them, Tao’er writhed her body in alarm, pleading with tears in her eyes: [Young master, don’t! I beg you to forgive this slave servant, I beg you …] [Aaahhhhh Oh ~~] Tao’er’s struggle made her pussy wrap up around the cock deep inside her pussy tightly, making Luo Yu release a lewd moan. He bowed down to kiss Tao’er’s cherry lips. [Little slut, you’ll surely like it!]

Chen Ke arrived beside the bed, bringing Tao’er’s head towards his lower body. He pressed the already erect and thick cock against Tao’er’s lips, ordering her grimly: [Quickly suck this young master properly!]

[No, Wuwu …. Young master, please don’t do this, wu …] Tao’er shut her mouth tightly, trying her utmost to resist while crying. Looking at her charming crying appearance, thinking of her pussy clamping around Luo Yu’s huge cock, Chen Ke wanted to fuck her mouth madly. Thereupon, he forced her to open her little mouth, forcefully pushing his cock inside.

[Wu …] Being made to open her mouth and filled deep until her throat, Tao’er felt a nauseous feeling.

[Suck it properly, use your tongue to lick it!] In spite of Tao’er’s pain, Chen Ke grabbed her hair, giving her a ruthless order. [Little slut, you’re such a quick learner and you try to resist? This young master shall teach you, use your tongue to lick it properly, every part of it! Oh ~~ Tao’er …] Chen Ke trembled in pleasure as his penis was sucked by Tao’er’s mouth.

Meanwhile, Luo Yu played with Tao’er’s breasts, occasionally twisting her dark red nipples, continuing to strongly thrust upwards at her pussy. His other hand kneaded the clitoris at her pussy. Tao’er trembled from the teasing, her pussy kept on convulsing, clamping onto Luo Yu’s huge cock even more tightly.

[Aaahhh ~~ So pleasant, oh ~~ little bitch, I’m going to fuck you to death ~~ aaaahhhhh ~~]

Hearing Luo Yu’s roar, Chen Ke became more rampant with envy, placing his hands on Tao’er’s head, he pushed his huge cock deep until her throat, rapidly making fierce thrusts, [Suck properly with more force … Aaahhhh ~~] Chen Ke closed his eyes, enjoying carefreely as Tao’er tended with her mouth.

Tao’er’s face was tinged with a blush, both her upper and lower mouths were filled at the moment. Along with the continuous thrusting, she also gradually lost herself within the intense and strange pleasure.

[Aaahhh ~ little slut, really excellent ~~ harder, aahhh ~~] Chen Ke felt like he had almost reached heaven. He accelerated the rhythm at which he fucked her mouth, making deeper and longer thrusts into her throat.

Tao’er almost choked due to the intense thrusts. Although Chen Ke had used her mouth before, he had never penetrated so deep, therefore, each invasion gave her a nauseous feeling, but the pleasure from the deep jabs at her pussy made her forget the pain of being fucked in her mouth.

Luo Yu also made fierce thrusts. Holding Tao’er’s waist, he lifted and pushed her up and down, making his cock jab at the uterus hidden deep inside. The uterus mouth opened and closed, swallowing the huge glans inside.

[Aaahh ~~~ little hussy ~~ Aahhh ~~] Luo Yu accelerated the speed of thrusting, and after cumming for a long time, he tightly hugged Tao’er while panting coarsely.

[Aaahhh ~~ quicker, suck me harder ~~] Chen Ke still fucked Tao’er’s mouth. Moving his butt continuously, he took deep thrusts inside her mouth, fucking more and more fiercely each time. Finally, Chen Ke gave out a low roar, shooting a dense amount of scalding thick white semen inside Tao’er’s mouth.

Tao’er felt nauseous due to the fishy smell and thought of vomiting it out but her cheek was restricted by Chen Ke, [Swallow it!] Tao’er helplessly swallowed the fishy odored thick semen inside her abdomen … …

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