Amorous Slave Girl Chapter 6

Well … I did disappear for a long time, a lot happened but I’m back now. I’ve already resumed DBW’s translation and so without further ado, here’s a chapter to the fans of ASG~
(P.S: You’ll have to thank Titan Asura for being in touch with me all the time :))

Chapter 6: Continuous Defilement


Tao’er’s whole body shuddered as she coughed incessantly, her face red due to choking. Luo Yu spoke to Chen Ke while gazing at her lovely pitiful expression: [You really don’t understand tenderness!]

He softly patted Tao’er’s back to help her in breathing; Chen Ke also apologized: [Tao’er, are you fine?]. Thinking of how she was fucked by these two men a moment ago, she naturally felt wronged within her heart. She pounced into Chen Ke’s embrace while crying: [Eldest Young Master, slave servant … … Wuwuwu] Luo Yu’s heart was upset as she saw Tao’er and Chen Ke hug each other. When he noticed the remnants of Chen Ke’s semen at her mouth, he immediately grabbed her head, pulling her towards his thighs: [Quick! Lick here for me!]

Chen Ke couldn’t help but laugh when he saw Luo Yu throw a childish fit: [Luo Yu, stop making trouble!]

[Why? Do you hate it? Didn’t you fuck her mouth already, it’s my turn now!]. He parted his legs and made Tao’er kneel in front of him, he then guided his softened dick towards Tao’er’s mouth. A fishy odour invaded her mouth and nostrils, she couldn’t help but rebel when the painful choking experience flashed back within her mind.

[Wuwu … … no … … wu … … don’t!]

[What? You wish to lick Chen Ke but don’t want to lick this young master’s? Lick it properly, suck it in!]. Luo Yu pressed her head down while kneading her plump breasts with his free hand.

Tao’er’s curvaceous fair and fragrant butt stuck upwards towards Chen Ke. Those inflamed petals of her still twitched while her tender asshole was dyed with nectar. Chen Ke couldn’t help walking towards that butt, milling its entrance with his half-softened penis, wishing for it to recover its might as soon as possible so he could fuck her again.

Tears filled Tao’er’s beautiful eyes as she released his dick outwards, stroking it up and down a few times, extending her tongue to lick it. She could feel Luo Yu’s cock throb with each of her lick, slowly recovering itself. Holding some curiosity within her heart, she sucked it within her mouth again while her curvy butt wiggled as it pressed against Chen Ke’s scalding penis. [Mmn … … You little hussy … …] Luo Yu took a refreshed breath, ‘Her mouth feels so good!’, he thought. Just a few licks from her brought such a sensation to him, making him even more impatient to fuck her mouth; causing his penis to sprout out again.

Luo Yu felt as if he was in the seventh heaven when he looked at Tao’er’s tender ruddy lips wrap around his penis, doing her best to suck and lick him. His palm pushed her head again as his dick began to throb instinctively.

Tao’er soon felt her pussy more and more hollow, nectar slowly flowed out through her petals, giving rise to an itch at her mons veneris, causing her flower cave to open automatically. Her butt rocked faster while her legs rubbed against each other continuously.

[Little hussy!] Chen Ke slapped at her anal lobe when he noticed her immoral expression. Rubbing his huge cock at her asshole more and more harder, till its tip had been drenched with that transparent nectar. [Little slut! You’re cumming again so soon, you’re really a hussy!] He pushed his coarse finger inside her, causing it to contract.

[Aaahhhhh – Little hussy, how can your mouth feel so good. Mmmnn … …] Luo Yu fixed his hands at Tao’er’s head, madly fucking her mouth; Tao’er also sucked him when he entered inside.

[You really deserve to be called a little hussy! Aaahhh … …] Looking at Tao’er suck Luo Yu’s dick, Chen Ke plunged his thick cock into her little cave bit by bit. She dived down from the impact, taking Luo Yu’s huge cock deep till her throat, [Aaahhhhhh …] The three of ‘em screamed at the same time.

Luo Yu and Chen Ke both thrashed into Tao’er body, her lovely body trembled as her little cave tightened up subconsciously. [Aaahhhhh~~ Little hussy, do you want to bite this young master to his death? Mmnn ~~ Little bitch ~~ Little slut, aahhhhh ~~ I’ll fuck you to your death … …] Chen Ke stooped down to support her butt and accelerated his pace. His hand grabbed her bosom, kneading her jiggling lovely breasts. [Aaahhh~~ Little hussy~ Mmnn~ How come your breasts are so big~~ Aaahhhhh … … Mmnn … …] Luo Yu also didn’t want to be outdone. He fucked her mouth pussy as fast as he could. He only stopped when he heard Tao’er retch from the nausea. Caressing her back, he raised his head to speak to Chen Ke who was still thrusting in and out of her little cave: [Are you not done with fucking her asshole yet? Let me train her other hole then!] He took his penis out of her mouth and raised her, letting her lie on her stomach on Chen Ke’s body, he helped Chen Ke enter her little cave while he moistened his finger with her nectar, smearing her tender asshole with it.

Tao’er wasn’t aware that her ass was going to be violated. She only felt the difference in the posture, Chen Ke fucked her from behind originally and now she was seated on top of him, making his dick reach all the way to the apex.

Once Luo Yu had moistened Tao’er lovely ass sufficiently, his finger wound around her asshole, sounding it out, slowly stretching his finger inside. It had immediately encountered a huge resistance after entering in, the walls squeezing onto it. Her asshole which had never been invaded by foreign matter swelled a bit, causing Tao’er to struggle again. Luo Yu called out to Chen Ke, making him raise her butt upwards, exposing her asshole in front of his eyes. He bowed down to lick her ass while Chen Ke sucked onto her cherry lips, his both hands kneading her plump breasts.

Luo Yu pulled his finger out when he felt her asshole loosen up a little, it immediately shrunk again as soon as the finger came out. He couldn’t help but roar when he thought of the pleasure her tight asshole will give to his dick, [Aaaahhh~ I can’t bear it anymore!]. He guided his huge cock into her asshole.

[Wuwu … …] Tao’er was unable to scream, having her lips blocked by Chen Ke but the ripping pain from her asshole made her body tense up.

[Luo Yu … … do it gently!]. Chen Ke reproached him, bowing down to kiss Tao’er’s face to placate her.

[Got it! I’ll be gentler. Feel relieved, I’ll make her scream from the pleasure in a moment!]. Luo Yu clutched her slender waist and began to thrust in and out.

Tao’er screamed incessantly but she was unable to escape and could only hope for Luo Yu’s scalding rock hard cock to leave her throbbing asshole as soon as possible. [Aaaahhhh~~ Feels so good, Aaahhhh … Mmnn … This little slut is really clamping onto me tightly. Mmnm~~] Chen Ke also got excited when he heard Luo Yu’s roars, reaching out to twist her tender nipples, he fucked her with all his might. [Little slut~~ Your ass is clamping so tightly … … your pussy is also so tight … … Fuck!]

[Aaahhhh~~~]. Tao’er’s body quivered as both of her little caves were fucked at the same time; panting through her half-open lips.

Chen Ke and Luo Yu, one at the front and one at the back, they toyed with Tao’er, thrusting fiercer with each successive thrust.

Luo Yu kneaded and squeezed her plump breasts while Luo Yu slapped her butt continuously. [Mmnnn~~ Slave servant can’t endure anymore~~ I beg you~~ don’t~~Aaahhhhh … Mmnn~~ Aahh … … you’ll kill me~~ Aaahhhh~~ don’t … … Aaaaahhhhhhh~]. Tao’er screamed loudly, till her body lost consciousness from the excessive orgasms.

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