Amorous Slave Girl Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Quiet Cultivation at the Yunlin Temple


Young lady Bao’er often went into a daze ever since she returned back from the Prime Minister’s birthday feast. Sighing at times, perhaps due to feeling fidgety or it could be anger. She was going through puberty, and had fallen in love at first sight with the Prime Minister’s 6th son, Ning Xi. Although Ning Xi was the son of the prime minister, he was the slikpants of them all. He didn’t care about having an official career, didn’t care about his reputation and only engrossed himself with researching and studying medicine. He was the only disciple of the Godly Sage Doctor Wu Qiu and had already been handed-down his techniques although his age was still quite light. He always resided in the former residence of the Sage Doctor, a house in the Jade Cloud Mountain. He rarely came out to meet others and  they wouldn’t have been able to look at the prime minister’s 6th son’s svelte if it wasn’t his birthday. Ning Xi could be considered quite noble, smart and handsome in the secular world. An appearance similar to an immortal banished from the heavens, as refined as a lotus. It was no wonder that Young lady Bao’er was suffering from melancholy.

Madame Chen had also noticed Bao’er’s recent queer behaviour and ordered Tao’er to accompany her to quietly cultivate at the Yulin Temple.

Yulin Temple was hidden in between two mountains. Two towering peaks and a lush forest provided a quiet and secluded environment. It was a good region to cultivate the heart and nurture oneself. People were specially assigned to take care of Young lady Bao’er within the temple. Tao’er also strolled around happily with peace. Tao’er didn’t believe in Gods and Buddhas as they seemed too unrealistic and also never granted any of her wishes. However, she still felt quite happy within the Yulin Temple. She was happy now. It wasn’t an easy matter to openly break away from the clutches of those two young master’s who possessed an intense libido. Tao’er walked towards the west side of the temple and sat down near a clear spring hidden under the shade. Spring water could be seen gushing out of a huge hole, those sparkling and translucent jade like droplets splashed around, again dispersing into the bright and clean pond water.

At this moment, Han Shiping, that is the Generalissimo Han who had come to the Yulin Temple to accompany her mother for a fast was very bored as he made his way towards the spring Tao’er was seated near. He naturally didn’t believe in Gods and Buddhas. With an illustrious and outstanding military service, he had attacked countless enemies, climbing up through thousands of bones. He had stopped caring about Gods and Buddhas long ago. He possessed a quick-witted and calm mind as well as a strong skills, surpassing his peers in martial arts as well as courage! Han Shiping entered the woods and had hardly pushed aside the cypress tree branch blocking his vision when he had glanced upon a fairy. No, it wasn’t a fairy. He vetoed himself, it was a beauty who seemed free from vulgarity but yet again possessed such allure that it could ignite a man in an instant!

Tao’er immediately turned around when she heard the sounds of footsteps from behind her. Her mien as she turned back to glance took away Han Shiping’s breath, stopping him from advancing ahead. A man wearing clothes with embroidered flowers had come into Tao’er’s sight. Straight and impressive looking, as well as unusually handsome, he seemed to be not from this era. Tao’er stepped forward, sending a greeting towards him: 『Slave servant greets esteemed noble!』『Slave servant!?』Han Shiping was startled. He didn’t expect this alluring woman was merely a slave girl and couldn’t help feel a little pity. Seeing the doubt on Han Shiping’s face, Tao’er supplemented with another explanation: 『Slave servant is Chen Mansion’s slave girl, Tao’er.』

『Chen Mansion’s slave girl, Tao’er … …』Han Shiping muttered before straightforwardly asking her: 『I’m the Imperial Generalissimo Han Shiping, do you desire to become this General’s concubine?』Tao’er had heard about Generalissimo Han’s prowess but the word 『Concubine』hit her fiercely. Although she didn’t carry high aspirations within her heart because she knew that she couldn’t be taken in by man as the legal wife due to her lowly identity, she never believed there would be a day she would be offered an olive branch to transform into a phoenix. She only knew that the concubines were merely playthings for the rich. They would be pampered as long as they’re liked but would be abandoned soon after they’ve been accustomed to. Driven out of the mansion and even sold to the brothels, a life worse than death! Therefore, Tao’er once again greeted him with her lowly identity to calmly refuse Han Shiping. She escaped by using the excuse of the young lady waiting for her.

Han Shiping flew into a rage when he saw this little slave girl refuse him and even dared to escape from here using an excuse. He stretched his hand to grab her but didn’t expect to miss her shoulder and rather pulled down her clothes. The front piece Tao’er as wearing was pulled down by him, exposing half of her fragrant shoulders. Tao’er turned back to look a Han Shiping with alarm. She immediately thought of arranging her clothes properly but she didn’t expect him to bind her hands.

Her skin was spotlessly white, it shined like the highest quality sheep-fat jade under the sunshine. Her fragrant shoulders as well as half of her gemmy white and plump breasts were exposed due to the front piece being pulled down. Those alluring jade breasts wiggled up and down, as if they wanted to burst out of those clothes’ restraint.

Han Shiping dazed at those captivating beautiful breasts, completely unaware of his current actions. His hand had already stretched on top of her rounded breasts, slowly kneading and pinching them. That pleasant sensation lured his hand further into her clothes, seeking those cherry red sensitive nipples. He softly kneaded her nipple with his forefinger and middle-finger until those originally soft nipples had become erect. This reaction made him even more zealous, making his entire palm enter inside and grab her breast with force, slightly kneading it. That soft and smooth sensation really gave him an incomparable feeling. 『Aaahhh … … don’t! … … rel … … release me!』Han Shiping trembled when he heard her frail moan, his mind cleared up. Her hands pressing against his chest felt as if they were caressing him. Her useless struggle provoked his male desire even more. Barely a touch from this slave girl had evoked his lust! Thereupon, a change occurred within his original intentions.

Han Shiping pulled her front piece away completely, pulling the undergarments along with it. That pair of beautiful breasts bounced in the air momentarily. He grabbed her breasts with his hand, wantonly kneading it, using his fingers to fiddle and pinch her nipple … … 『Aaaahhhh … … don’t! … … Mmn … … I beg you! Mmn … …』Tao’er felt completely powerless within his grasp. Her body had become very sensitive under the instructions of Chen Ke and Luo Yu; a warm fluid gradually began to drip from her lower body.

『You’re wet so quickly.』 Han Shiping used his finger to explore inside her underwear, probing her vulvar slit with his middle finger. A demonic smile rose across his handsome face when he saw his wet hand. He carefully observed the expression on her face while he licked her nectar on his fingers erotically. He continued to speak as Tao’er’s face was dyed red from the shame: 『Ooh, your little cave’s taste is pretty sweet. Do you want to taste too?』He didn’t wait for a reply and directly sucked onto her soft lips with wet and fiery thin lips, using his teeth to bite her lip. He forced her tightly knit pearly teeth open with his tongue, tangling his tongue as much as possible with her tender tongue, wantonly entwining with it, sucking onto her mouth’s nectar fluids. The『zeze』 sounds of their tongue crossing over each other filled both of them with lust.

Han Shiping’s breath became heavier and rushed. His hands around Tao’er’s waist gradually tightened up, bringing her a bit of pain. However, she knew that struggling would only make her situation worse because that scalding hard object poking at the gully between her legs had made the situation clear to her. It ousted upwards against the center of her little cave. It would have entered in if it wasn’t for her underwear. She feared that erect and scalding hot penis. Her attempts to break away from his clutches were of no avail. He kindly released her inflamed lips when she had run out of breath.

『How? Wasn’t it quite sweet?』Han Shiping looked at her lustfully blushed face with amaze as he asked this indecent question.

『Wuh … …』She had hardly opened her mouth before it was sealed once again. Han Shiping stripped her until there was nothing left on her. He stripped down half of his clothes while not letting her react, fiercely sucking onto her snowy neck with his sexy thin lips. That thick and hot rod rubbed against the crux of her legs. 『Mmnn … … Aaaahhhh … …』Tao’er’s fingers’ dragged onto his clothes helplessly as she fell limp into his embrace. Han Shiping bowed down to suck her tender and lovely nipple, sucking it, biting it. His iron rod like huge penis kneaded against her tender vulva.

『Aaaahhhhh … … hot, so warm … … Generalissimo Han … … don’t … … don’t knead … … Mmmn … … slave servant feels unwell aaahhhhhh … …』The pleasure from their genitals rubbing against each other made her squirm, making more and more nectar flow out of her little cave.

Han Shiping ignored her pleads and grabbed onto her well-rounded plump jade breasts. He squeezed onto them with all of his fingers while plunging his rod inside her little cave at the same time. Tao’er opened her mouth wide but his tongue had already invaded her mouth before she could even scream, twining together with her little deft and tender tongue. All she could do was issue a few lovely moans 『Wuh wuh』… … The warm kiss suddenly came to a halt, 『Why aren’t you a virgin?』Han Shiping glared at her.

『Mmmn, it itches … … Tao’er still, Generalissimo, Tao’er still wants … …』 Tao’er was already immersed with the lust and simply didn’t hear Han Shiping’s question. The intense desire had transformed into a fierce craving which attacked her will, making her unable to endure as she wiggled her butt up and down. Her vaginal walls closely clutched onto the foreign object which had invaded this location, sucking onto the glans o that penis. That tight as well as hot ecstatic pleasure made him release a roar from his throat’s abyss, a little bit feral but yet again sexy: 『Ohhh, little hussy … …』He didn’t want to investigate who her first man was at this moment and only wanted to knock his meat stick against her uterus, making their bodies combine without a single gap. 『Aaaahhhhhh … …』 The two of them issued a satisfied moan at the same time.

『Aaahhhh … … very pleasant … … Generalissimo … … Han … … so huge and hot … … mmn … … aaahhhhh … … 』Tao’er kept issuing those alluring moans while her vulva was being thrust into non-stop. Her butt swayed up and down, following along with his movements, trying to loosen her little cave as much as possible so that it could swallow that rod-like hot penis inside … …

『Ohhh, so tight and wet … …』Han Shiping felt his penis be squeezed inside her, just like a top-notch velvet binding around it, that exhilarating sensation couldn’t be explained with words. Both of his hands grabbed around her little waist, thrusting into her lovely body up and down with all his might. That thick penis penetrated deeper each time as that tender little cave relaxed and sucked onto his huge doppelganger while gobbling it up. 『phsst phsst』sounds echoed out as love fluids spilled all over, making her tight little cave slippery. That big meat stick but seemed to have become more malevolent, thrusting in and out of that little cave while causing obscene fluids to splatter everywhere … …

Tao’er couldn’t endure these continuous rounds of thrusting and began to moan without restrain: 『Don’t! … … aaahhhhh … … Generalissimo Han … … lighter … … too deep … … too hard … … go a bit slower … …Mmnn … … Aaah!』Han Shiping had already gone out of control, thrusting into her with a coarse and wild rhythm, only wanting to fill her little cave up completely while enjoying the supreme pleasure her body brought as she wrapped around him … … His intense actions seemed like the friction between the tender vaginal walls would almost ignite them. Each time he exuded a higher force, he seemed to fill her inside a bit deeper, penetrating deep till her uterus. The passionate pleasure made their bodies stick to each other, almost seeming like they were were fused together at the groin area.

『No … … Don’t! Mmn … … Aaaahhh … … softer … … wuh … … aaahhhh … …』Although she kept saying don’t with her mouth, that intense pleasure had engulfed each and every nerve within her body. She couldn’t help raising her butt and slam it down matching with Han Shiping’s unending thrusts.

『So tight … … so pleasant … … wuh, you lewd hussy! Ooohh … … I’ll fuck you to your death!』Han Shiping moved back and forth with all this might, making a mess out of her little cave. Her body trembled along with his thrusts, almost floating up a little each time he plunged into her. Her waist was rigidly held within his arms as he moved his butt towards her, thrusting that hot penis inside, 『phsst』The frequency of the sounds of genital fluids splashing kept incrementing. Tao’er’s body violently trembled at this moment. A warm liquid flowed down along that thrusting meat stick, sprinkling that nectar on top of that huge glans. Her little cave convulsed, making Han Shiping issued a low pleasure-filled roar while he enjoyed the pleasant sensation of that tender cave clutching onto him. Tao’er had orgasmed but he still hadn’t. He looked at the weak, limp and flirtatious Tao’er, 『Little lewd hussy! This is just the beginning … …』Han Shiping laughed but his dick showed no quarter and continued to thrust insider her. She raised those difficult to supress moans outwards while her little hands embraced Han Shiping, accepting those fierce strikes to her vulva. Han Shiping moved his hand away from her butt to knead her tender breast flesh, squeezing it into all kinds of forms. This double provocation made her moan again: 『Don’t! … … Generali … … I can’t endure any … … Aaahhhhh … … Mmn … … so fast … … don’t〜 … … uuuhh … …』The limp and numb pleasure exhilarated her, making her feel as if she was floating.

『Fast? I think it’s still not enough! Such an excellent little cunt … … Ohhh … … It fucking sucks onto me so damn well! Ohhh … … I really want to make a mess out of it!』Han Shiping roared while enjoying her tight twitching little cave. He wantonly sprinted his butt, making rough and wild movements, with no amount of tenderness. 『Do you feel good … … little hussy? If it’s so then scream for me … … I like to hear your yelling! Ooohhh … … Squeeze harder little hussy … … Aaaahhhh perfect! … … your lewd cave is so tight! … … Oooohhhh … … going to cum … … Oooohhh! So fucking pleasant… …』Han Shiping plunged into her trembling nectar cave with force as the developed muscles on his back flexed until that burning hot semen had finished spurting inside her, oozing out of her completely filled flower cave. However, Han Shiping felt like he hadn’t cum enough and took out his meat stick, spraying that fiery white semen all over her quivering breasts and small face, 『Mmn aaahhhhh … …』 Sex fluids squirted out of her little cave again as she felt that hot semen hit against her face … …

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