Amorous Slave Girl Chapter 8

Chapter 08: Chance Encounter at the Intoxicated Fragrance Restaurant


Three days had passed since Tao’er had accompanied Young lady Bao’er to cultivate at the Yulin Temple. Lady Bao’er was already fed up with the tea and cake arranged on the table. She ordered Tao’er buy an Osmanthus Crystal Cake from Dongcheng’s most famous Intoxicated Fragrance Restaurant.

It was noon by the time Tao’er reached Dongcheng. The street was crowded and bustling with noise. The stores on either sides of the street showcased all kinds of goods with the store owner’s squawking to the buyers about the prices with their spittle swirling in the air. The most glamorous location on this street was the famous Intoxicated Fragrance Restaurant.

Tao’er stepped forward to enter but was startled. A waitress had opened the door of the ‘Heaven’ private room on the second floor to deliver the dished inside. Three men were cheerfully chatting in there. Those nobles drinking with each other were the ones she didn’t want to see the most! Tao’er had hardly turned about to depart but Chen Ke spotted her, calling out: 「Tao’er, come up!」

Tao’er helplessly braced herself and slowly went towards the ‘Heaven’ private room on the second floor. She was just about to come up when the eyes of the three men flashed as they laid their wine cups down, each of them asking happily in unison : 「Tao’er, did you come to find me?」

The temperature dropped all of a sudden, all four of them started at each other in turns, feeling both doubtful and embarrassed!

What Tao’er doubted was the fact that these three had gathered together. She had been at the Chen Mansion for so many years but still had never heard that Chen Ke, Luo Yu and General Han had any kind of friendship. She was embarrassed because all of the three men she had ever had sex with appeared in front of her at the same time and each of them thought that she had come for them.

Luo Yu and Chen Ke doubted that the relationship between Tao’er who was usually hiding deep within the Chen Mansion and General Han Shiping whom they revered as their relationship didn’t seem to be shallow. Han Shiping doubted why Luo Yu and Chen Ke both seemed to be as happy as him as if they were husbands’ who were seeing their little lover. However, these three men were all the same, they didn’t want to lose appearance in front of this little slave girl! They were all male chauvinists but they hadn’t realized that their blunder just now had exposed the true feelings of their hearts.

Han Shiping broke the impasse. He laughed and spoke to Luo Yu and Chen Ke: 「I met Tao’er at Yulin Temple. I was feeling a bit dizzy due to the scorching sun and this cute slave girl helped me. She supported me, taking me towards the spring side and moistened her handkerchief, applying it on my forehead to drive the heat away! 」

Tao’er blushed immediately, embarrassed at the nonsense General Han was spewing. Luo Yu and Chen Ke both revered General Han and naturally believed his words. Chen Ke promptly laughed: 「So it was like that. It’s her good fortune that she was able to acquaint with General Han. 」 The three of them spoke a few words of courtesy to each other.

Chen Ke suddenly recalled that Tao’er was still standing at the doorway and waved towards her to come over: 「Tao’er, why have you come to Intoxicated Fragrance Restaurant?」Tao’er replied: 「Young lady wanted to eat the Osmanthus Crystal Cake of Intoxicated Fragrance Restaurant and ordered slave servant to go buy it. 」 Chen Ke said: 「Oh. You mustn’t have had your lunch right? Come, accompany this young master to drink a few cups!」

「How can I do that?! You are the young master, slave servant cannot have a meal at the same table as the young master!」Tao’er declined. She only wanted to buy the Osmanthus Crystal Cake and leave this place as fast as possible.

「I’m the young master, if I say so, then you can!」Saying this, he pulled her and made her sit in between Luo Yu and him, placing a wine cup in her hand. 「Quick, pour wine for this young master and also for Young master Luo as well as General Han!」Tao’er helplessly poured wine for them.

She had just taken a seat when Luo Yu passed the rice bowl with the chopsticks on top of it towards towards her while his other hand stretched under the table, wantonly groping her thighs. Tao’er wanted to catch that bad hand disturbing her thigh but carelessly caused the chopsticks on the bowl to fall down 「Pada!」. She lowered her flushed face. Chen Ke had caught onto Luo Yu slyly taking advantage of the situation. He used the opportunity to pass another set of chopsticks to her, feeling those peaks of her plump bosom with his elbow a few times before taking his hand back.

General Han’s sight became cold, making him tighten the grip on the wine cup as he saw their dubious actions. How could an astute man like him be unable to notice Chen Ke and Luo Yu’s tricks. He couldn’t help feel angry. He speculated that these two ought to be the ones who took Tao’er’s virginity. He gulped down the wine in the cup; its originally sweet flavor now felt bitter!

Tao’er took the chopsticks with a rosy face. She had lost her appetite as she looked at Luo Yu continuously place the dishes around the rice bowl in front of her. 「What’s up? You don’t like the food?」Chen Ke asked Tao’er. 「Aah, it’s not that … …」Tao’er hurriedly picked up the chopsticks and placed a few of the dishes into her mouth, slowly chewing on the meat, chewing as if she was sitting on top of pins and needles.

「Umm … … Shouldn’t slave servant … … leave now … … Yo-Young lady … … is still … … waiting … … 」Tao’er mumbled.

「What! You’ve hardly arrived and want to leave?!」Chen Ke looked at her furiously.

「Ye … … yes … …」Tao’er still wanted to speak something but, 「Aaaahhhh … …」She screamed. Luo Yu had hugged her from behind, placing her on his thighs. She turned her head back only to see his demonic smile as he squeezed her plump right breast while his other slapped her mellow butt, softly kneading it. Chen Ke stretched his hand towards her private place, groping it as he wished. A slender finger suddenly invaded inside her flower hole. 「Aaahhhh … … don’t!」Tao’er screamed. A limp and numb pleasure quickly spread around her entire body as nectar oozed out of her tender pink hole.

The sounds of bones creaking from General Han’s fists echoed out as he tightened his grip. He suddenly smashed his palm on the table, shouting: 「Release Tao’er!」Those three were startled. Luo Yu and Chen Ke immediately released Tao’er feeling a bit vexed thinking that Tao’er had made their mind so muddled that they forgot they were sitting in front of General Han whom they most revered. Tao’er arranged her skirt with tears at her eyes.

Han Shiping walked towards Tao’er, 「Tao’er, this General shall personally deliver you back to Yulin Temple! 」Saying thus, he glanced towards Chen Ke and Luo Yu before leaving together with her. Those two didn’t dare to follow them and could only anxiously watch as General Han took her away, feeling utterly depressed.

A carriage stopped at the entrance of the Intoxicated Immortal Restaurant. Han Shiping got on it first, saying to the driver: 「Towards Yulin Temple.」 He lowered his head to look at Tao’er before supplementing his words: 「It’s still early so there’s no need to hurry. Slowly go towards there while taking a roundabout route.」 The driver acknowledged. Tao’er look puzzled at Han Shiping. He saw her stay motionless and impatiently said: 「Quickly come up!」

Tao’er shook her head: 「Slave servant cannot ride the same cart as Generalissimo Han … …」Han Shiping frowned immediately: 「Stop speaking nonsense! Quickly come up and stop dallying!」

Tao’er clenched her teeth and took and deep breath. Placing her foot on the rock step to climb the carriage, she supported herself by grabbing onto the carriage door but Han Shiping caught her slender arm, pulling her up onto the carriage. He closed and door and lifted the sandalwood wooden bead curtain in the front to speak to the driver: 「Go!」The carriage began to move.

Laying the curtain down, he tightly embraced her: 「Tao’er, how could you let those two act in such a way with you?」While he asked so, his hand untied her front lapel, snaking into her clothes. 「You don’t know how much it hurt my heart when I saw those two act so obscenely with you … …」Tao’er didn’t struggle at all and only spoke sadly: 「Tao’er … … Tao’er is only a lowly slave girl!」Han Shiping couldn’t help but frown: 「Were those two the ones who took your virginity?」He didn’t wait for her reply but rather cupped her plump breast, saying lightly: 「Let it be. I can guess it even if you don’t answer me. Which man can resist such a alluring body! However, what I want to know is whether you refused to be this General’s concubine because you were thinking of those two?」Tao’er shook her head: 「Tao’er is merely a lowly slave girl. I don’t dare to put myself in such a higher position than anyone else .」

Han Shiping reached out to hold her face: 「You don’t dare to put yourself in such a higher position than anyone else? This General wishes raise your status, will you dare or not?」Tao’er lowered her head in silence. He ordered her: 「I want you to look at me!」Tao’er lifted her head to look at him, those beautiful clear eyes were completely tranquil without the slightest amount of disturbance. He asked her again: 「Do you think of me then? You mustn’t let those two touch you again, understood? You can only be mine for your entire lifetime. Your heart must only have one man, that’s me! Remember it!」Tao’er’s heart trembled but then again recovered its tranquility as she said: 「Don’t let them touch? Do you think it’s possible? Tao’er is merely a slave and no matter how the master ruins a slave girl, what can a slave girl do about it?」

「Ruin?! Do you only consider this General to be one of those masters who ruin your body?」Han Shiping expressed his heart’s distress with anger. 「Is it any different? Generalissimo Han has never given slave servant even the privilege to speak! 」Tao’re mustered her courage to retort Han Shiping’s words. Han Shiping’s heart trembled. He sneered: 「Then let me nicely ruin you today!」

He pulled open his gorgeous gown while he reached out to untie the belt of Tao’er’s clothes. He stripped her undergarments as well as her underwear, throwing them to the side, making Tao’er as naked as a new born baby. He used his knees to restrain her arms, caressing her plump and round breasts with his hands, frantically kneading her fleshy breasts. The flower bud on its summit gradually began to bloom, that dark red nipple squeezed so much that they had almost become as hard as a rock. He lowered his head to suck on that erect nipple, using his teeth to nibble on it while pulling it, just like a blood-thirsty beast.

「Aaahhh … … don’t! … … aahh」Tao’er struggled, making her two bountiful jade breasts wiggle. Han Shiping released it from his mouth and grappled onto those wiggling large breasts tightly, using his fingers to pull that swollen red nipple. 「Aaaaaahhhhhh … … don’t!」Tao’er screamed. Han Shiping’s eyes glittered. He cruelly parted her legs, making her thighs almost make an angle of 180 degrees, exposing her tender flower hole in front of him.

He extended his thick finger to slightly open up the thin petals of her little cave, slowly kneading it. 「Mmmn aaahh … … aaahhhhh … … aaahh … …」Nectar gushed out continuously while Tao’er released a spell of moans. Han Shiping felt quite satisfied with her reaction. He separated those satiny petals with his fingers, lowering his head to wantonly lick the cave entrance and then stretched his tongue into her flower hole, teasing it without restraint. 「Aaaahhhh … … aaahhhh … … don’t mmnn … … it itches … …」Tao’er squirmed while moaning. She couldn’t endure anymore, her body felt hot. Her little cave felt itchy due to the his licking, making her arch her waist to bring it closer to his mouth so that he could lick even deeper. His tongue accelerated the pace, continuously entering in and out, sucking onto that tender little cave, causing lascivious 「psst」sounds to echo out.

A while later, Tao’er was drenched in her own nectar due to him. 「Indeed a little slut!」Han Shiping laughed nefariously. He parted from her body a little and stroked her tender flower hole up and down with his huge penis before forcing it inside that narrow entrance, madly thrusting in and out. 「do … … don’t … … too fast … … slo … … wer … … aaahhhhh … … too … …forceful … … aaahh」Tao’er screamed loudly. Han Shiping continued to thrust with force. He raised her butt higher and higher giving her no choice but to support her body with the help of her elbows while her slender legs wound around his waist. Sexual secretions continued to drip down along Tao’er’s butt and thighs in between the thrusting; her wiggling huge breasts seemed very attractive. 「Ooohh … … aaahhhhh … … Such a tight lewd cave!」Han Shiping roared in pleasure. He grabbed onto her lovely huge breasts, making quicker and deeper thrusts till the depths of her stamen.

Tao’er’s face was completely flushed, confusion filled her eyes as she shouted immorally: 「Mmnn … … too quick … … Mmn … … aaahhhhh … … slower … … a bit slower … … mmnn … … deeper … … fuck slave servant to her death!」

While Tao’er was fucked into such a terrible condition, Han Shiping suddenly pulled his huge cock outside. He caught her chin and made her open her mouth wide, pushing his cock deep into her throats’ abyss. 「Quick! Suck it!」Tao’er tried to suck as much of that huge cock as she could while resisting the impulse to vomit. She slowly moved her head, sucking his huge penis. 「Mmn, keep sucking. Use your tongue to lick the meatus.」 Han Shiping directed her while moving his butt to thrust in and out of her mouth. 「Mmn … … very good … … suck harder … … faster!」He felt elated from her sucking. Holding her head with his hands, he accelerated his movements, intensely thrusting into her little mouth as if it was her nectar cave. 「Ooohhh … … going to cum!」Han Shiping roared. The meatus of his swollen cock opened up, shooting thick white semen deep into her throat. 「AAAHHH … … YOU’RE MY LITTLE HUSSY! DRINK IT! DRINK IT ALL UP! 」

The pleasure made his tremble, giving rise to a hoarse roar. Tears flowed out of Tao’er’s eyes as she choked due to that thick and dense semen. She pushed him away using her tiny hands, vomiting his huge excited dick out. She trembled powerlessly as his semen spurted all across her face. She used her hand to comfort her neck, coughing while she tried to breathe. Pain assailed her throat, giving her the sensation as if it was burning. Han Shiping was busy trying to prolong the pleasure he felt and didn’t even notice her actions.

He looked at her coughing action after he had reveled in the lingering effect of the orgasm. He stroked her face smeared with his semen and teased: 「Little lewd hussy! Was the fucking just now not enough?」He picked her up, making her adopt a crawling posture. He barbarously jabbed his scalding dick into her tender cave, making her butt tremble: 「Don’t! General Han, too rough … …」Rocking her head, Tao’er tried to dodge by moving her waist but Han Shiping had gripped onto onto it tightly, making fiercer thrusts.

「Ooohhh … … Scream louder, lewder and more immorally!」Han Shiping roared from the pleasure while making mad sprints, striking against her tender and lovely buttocks

「Aaaaahhh aaaaahhhhhh aaaaahhh … … slower … … gentler … …」That huge and hard cock madly pounded deep inside her tender little cave. The pleasure made Tao’er’s entire body limp, making her flower hole contract involuntarily.

Han Shiping fucked her more and more madly. On the other side, Tao’er almost felt like her body would fly away. 「Ooohh … … it’s sucking so tightly … … I’ll mess up your little lewd cave!」His hand wound around Tao’er’s bosom, clutching onto those jiggling plump breast.

「Mmmnn aaahhhh … … slave servant can’t endure anymore … … Ge-General Han … … don … … aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!」Tao’er’s body convulsed fiercely while she orgasmed. However, Han Shiping wasn’t planning to let her off. He held her waist to raise her. 「Little lewd hussy, this General still isn’t satisfied!」Saying thus, he started to thrust in and out of her dripping wet nectar cave.

「Aaaaahhhhh … …」Tao’er moaned. Her nectar cave tightened up while she propped her body using her powerless arms.

Han Shiping clutched onto her butt while jabbing into her nectar cave with all of his strength. 「Quick … … quick … … scream immorally again. Yell, little lewd hussy, plead me to fuck you to your death! Ooohhh … …」

「Aaaahhhhhh … …General Han, fuck slave servant to death … … mmmnn … … please fuck slave servant to her death with all your strength!」The overwhelming pleasure flooded her, making her entire body tense. Han Shiping focused on pounding her. He suddenly made a powerful thrust to the deepest part of her flower cave. Bracing himself against her butt, his muscular body trembled as he roared without care: 「Aaaaaahhhhhh … … I’ll fucking mess up your little lewd cave! Ooohhh … … ooohh … … I’ll fuck you to death〜 Aaaahhhh … … so pleasant!」Burning hot semen shot into her trembling nectar cave endlessly. 「Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh … …」Tao’er orgamsed at the same time, her flower hole squirting out huge amounts of sexual secretions. She fainted in the midst of screaming, completely losing perception of everything.

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