Amorous Slave Girl Chapter 9

Chapter 9: The Lord Returns to the Mansion

Lord Chen sent word that he’s returning to the mansion in two days, this made the Old Lady Chen send a group of people to call back Lady Bao’er and the slave girl Tao’er from Yunlin temple.

The Chen mansion became extremely busy to welcome the Lord, Chen Hongjue. The Butler Chen Shun guided a group of people early in the morning to tidy up the mansion and make it look rich and honorable. The young master of the Chen mansion, Chen Ke, was aware that Tao’er had returned, but he didn’t meet her as he had to check the accounts which Lord Chen had tasked him with before leaving.

Noon of the third day, a group of men and horses entered the Chen mansion while escorting a luxurious carriage. The young master, Chen Ke, as well as the young lady, Bao’er, both accompanied Old Lady Chen at her sides, while Lord Chen’s maids and concubines stood behind them at the hall door, waiting to meet Lord Chen Hongjue. A slave girl placed a cup of tea as they entered the hall while Old Lady Chen lovingly said: “Son, you must be worn from the journey, drink some tea.” Though Lord Chen’s maids and concubines didn’t dare to interrupt, they stroked their hair coquettishly, fearing Lord Chen wouldn’t fancy them.

“Yes, Daddy, you worked hard.” Young lady Bao’er clasped the cup of tea on the table and handed it over to Lord Chen. As for Chen Ke, he sat upright within the hall, looking at his cute sister act spoiled in front of his father with a smile.

“En, you’re indeed my obedient daughter!” Lord Chen took the tea with a smile on his face, slowly taking a sip before placing it down.

“Lord, the meal is prepared.” The Butler Chen Shun came into the hall to inform Lord Chen, and then everyone followed behind the Lord to the dining room.

Though Chen Hongjue was the Lord of the Chen mansion, he wasn’t old at all, around 35 years of age. With the riches, his health was always good; Lord Chen looked to be Young Master Chen Ke’s elder brother rather than a father. At the age of 15, he was erudite and had multi-talents, and had to take over the responsibilities of the Chen family. Otherwise, he would have easily become the top-scorer in the examinations. He often made friendships with people in officialdom. Hence, the Chen family’s business was always thriving, touching every domain; it had more power than the imperial household within the business world. Moreover, he possessed propriety, had wealth and also was charitable. He built halls at every part of the country, giving material assistance to the impoverished people. Though he didn’t work in officialdom, the public praised and supported Chen Hongjue and thus had a high prestige among the people.

Chen Hongjue although had many maids and concubines, his legal wife’s position was vacant. He had no intentions of taking a wife again ever since Lady Chen passed away after giving birth to Young lady Bao’er. Thus, he was quite severe towards the Young Master but partial towards the Young Lady Bao’er who had grown up without her birth mother. He would bring a new gift for her each time he went out, some even rare treasures unable to be bought with ten thousands of gold coins.

Of course, Young lady Bao’er wasn’t the only one happy about the return of Lord Chen, the slave girl Tao’er felt happy as well. Not only because she was infected by Bao’er’s mood but also because Young Master Chen hadn’t come to disturb her ever since the Lord had returned to the mansion. He was busy learning about taking care of the business by the Lord’s instructions. Furthermore, according to hearsay, a drunk Luo Yu went to challenge General Han to a battle. Although he had some boxing skills, he was no match for General Han; the fight was equivalent to throwing away his life as even a hundred Luo Yu’s wouldn’t be a match for General Han! General Han had been benevolent by only beating him up horribly, till his face swoll as a pig’s head. His father, Luo Shangshu placed him under house arrest after that. Luo Shangshu was furious due to his son who didn’t realize the immensity of heaven and earth and prepared to personally send gifts as an apology to General Han’s residence. General Han naturally didn’t mind this trifling matter, and also didn’t retaliate against the Luo family. Some bandit thief with excellent martial arts stole the tribute offered by the vassal monarchs to the imperial household, which had angered Long Yan, making him pass down the order to investigate the incident and exterminate that reckless bandit thief. Therefore, General Han was quite busy. He was fine while the other party’s son had been half-dead, the father had even brought gifts to apologize, he naturally accepted them to put Luo Shangshu at ease. He later gave it to his father Emperor to provide for the needy. During this time, Tao’er was safe, perhaps could be said that she was temporarily safe. Therefore, she felt quite happy, which made her slightly nitwitted, taking joy and delight in other’s misfortunes.

Extreme happiness could turn into sadness; this principle had remained unchanged since time immemorial. Tao’er was just hearing Young Lady Bao’er speak about the sixth son of the prime minister’s family, Ning Xi’s matters with great interest. Tao’er naturally believed this gossip to be true as she watched the Young lady talk non-stop, her face dyed with colors of spring, furthermore her brilliant eyes, which made Tao’er’s heart yearn for the Young Noble Ning Xi who seemed like a Daoist immortal.

“Young lady —“ A pretty maid appeared within the room.

“What’s the matter?” Young Lady Bao’er didn’t turn back, continuing to speak to Tao’er about the Sixth Young Noble Ning Xi.

“Young lady, the Butler says that the Lord has asked for Sister Tao’er, calling her to the study room.” The slave girl replied.

“What?” Bao’er stopped, looking puzzled at Tao’er, “Why does daddy want to see Tao’er?”

“Slave servant doesn’t know; she has merely come to pass on the message.” The slave girl replied back.

“Good, you can go now, Tao’er will go there in a moment.” She waved at the slave girl, motioning her to leave.

“Ahh, really dampened my spirit and I was in a good mood too, Tao’er —-“ Seeing Tao’er not respond to her, she shook the absent-minded Tao’er, giggling: “Tao’er, no need to be scared, father won’t eat you. He’s just concerned about me, and wants to probably know my likes from you so that he can give me a pleasant surprise next time he returns from business! Ahh, you foolish girl, quickly go see daddy!” Saying so, she pulled Tao’er from her seat and pushed her out the door.

Heading Bao’er’s words, she half-doubtfully passed 7-8 turns through a secluded path, again following through a long winding corridor before reaching the entrance of Lord Chen’s study room. Thinking how Lord Chen never noticed her whenever he had previously come to see Young Lady Bao’er, her eyes filled with worry as unease consumed her.

She lightly knocked the door of Lord Chen’s study room.

“Lord, slave servant Tao’er is here!”

“Come in.” The sweet-sounding clear voice of Lord Chen Hongjue came through from inside.

Tao’er pushed the door to enter inside, Chen Hongjue sat upright at the seat, bowing his head to browse through something. Tao’er walked near, greeting deferentially: “What command does the Lord have for slave servant?”

Chen Hongjue raised his eyes, sizing up Tao’er, she was indeed a little beauty, her skin superior to snow, limpid shy eyes, a celestial nose, tender cherry mouth, going lower only made her more alluring, a bountiful bosom, slender waist, perky butt … Chen Hongjue couldn’t help but feel his mouth become dry; he feigned to a cough when he became aware that he had forgotten his manners, saying: “Tao’er, do you know your mistake?”

“Slave servant doesn’t know.” Tao’er shook her head.

“Humph! Don’t think I don’t know, in the two months I wasn’t present at the mansion, you this little hoof seduced Ke’er as well as Luo Shanshu’s 2nd son, Luo Yu, furthermore, even General Han, these three men. I asked the Butler how he will handle this; he says he’ll either tie you to the ducking tool to punish or to a sky lantern, what do you say?” Lord Chen had several spies, though not all of them were present within the mansion, he knows everything that happens within the mansion.

“N-No … Please be benevolent, Lord!” Tao’er tremble from fear, kneeling down at Lord Chen’s foot.

“Haha …” Chen Hongjue couldn’t help but laugh, feeling happy like a child who had pranked someone. He held Tao’er at his legs, “Tao’er is so beautiful, how can this Lord be willing to part with you, En?” His finger softly brushed her dainty chin, lifting her pretty face to look at him. “L-Lord …” Tao’er looked at Chen Hongjue, not knowing what to do.

“Ohh, Tao’er …” Chen Hongjue pulled her into his embrace when he saw her gaze at him with her beautiful eyes, sticking his sexy lips against her tender lips: “Aahhh … Lord … Wuh …” Tao’er’s eyes opened wide, feeling shocked, looking at Chen Hongjue’s scholarly face close hand, feeling his fiery tongue provokes her tongue’s tip, entwining around it.

Tao’er wanted to push Chen Hongjue away, but his hand suddenly coiled around her slender waist, and his other hand propped up her nape, allowing him to give a deep kiss. His tyrannical tongue swept past every corner of her mouth, rolling her small lilac tongue, repeatedly sucking onto it, twining with it. Tao’er could only feel a warm fluids bubble up at her belly, making her entire body heat up, her hands tightly held onto Chen Hongjue’s clothes as she shifted her weight onto his body.

At this moment, Chen Hongjue pushed Tao’er away; She raised her misty eyes to look at him with doubt.

“Tao’er, strip your clothes. This Lord wants to see your alluring naked appearance.” Chen Hongjue’s originally clear and melodious voice became deeper, filled with desire. Tao’er’s face blushed when she heard him.

Her trembling hand untied the connecting band at her waist, slowly sliding the clothes on her body to the ground. That snow white, alluring naked body revealed itself outside under Chen Hongjue’s fiery gaze; she felt a strange numbing sensation as if an electric current had passed through her entire body, making her little cave a bit wet.

Chen Hongjue’s penis rose up in a flash, he got up and clutched Tao’er, “Tao’er, take this Lord’s clothes off.” His palm led her tiny hands towards his clothes.

“Lord …” Tao’er’s hand trembled evermore, Chen Hongjue raised her and placed her on the wooden cedar desk as his gorgeous silk clothes gradually slid down. His hand grabbed her plump breast, kneading and squeezing it; his other hand slid down to her mons, kneading it for a while before going downwards towards her honey pot, teasing that sensitive pearl there, kneading and rotating it. “No … Mmnn … Lighter …” Tao’er laid back on the desk, giving out lovely moans as nectar flowed out from her honey pot.

Chen Hongjue brought his huge penis towards her tender little cave when he saw it had become wet enough, putting strength into his waist, he jabbed deep into her honey pot, making her release a pleased moan, “So big and hard … Mmnn … “

“Tao’er, your slutty cave … is very tight …” Tao’er honey pot squeezed onto Chen Hongjue’s huge cock, making him feel comfortable and excited; his both hands played with her large breasts while his cock rammed her.

“Mmmn … Mmnnn … Aaahhhhhh …” Each thrust brought pleasure to Tao’er, Chen Hongjue fondled her huge breasts, making her moan loudly.

He thrust with ferocity when he heard Tao’er’s lovely moans, their two bodies inseparable at the point of contact, dripping wet followed by “Puchi, Puchi” sounds.ujhygu789

“Aaahhhh … don’t … you’re jabbing slave servant’s flower bud …” Tao’er screamed under Chen Hongjue’s continuous coarse and wild penetrations.

“Aaahhh … Little hussy … you’re squeezing damn tightly … wiggle your buttocks for me … Ohhhh …” Chen Hongjue roared as he slapped Tao’er’s lovely buttocks, making her sway faster.

“Aaaahhh … No … don’t … I beseech you … slave servant can’t bear anymore … Aaahhh … Mmnn … don’t … Aaahhhh …” Tao’er lovely body swung along with Chen Hongjue’s fierce and violent strikes, her pair of breasts jiggling attractively, “Aaahhh, you this little slutty hoof … how are your breasts so huge!” He grabbed and fondled with force, “Does being fucked by this Lord’s cock feel good? Quick, plead this Lord to fuck you till you drop dead, for this Lord to fuck your little slutty cave …” Chen Hongjue took out his huge cock and penetrated deep inside again. Her sensitive honey pot’s little pearl trembled suddenly, making Tao’er scream at the same time: “Lord … Fuck slave servant ferociously … I beseech you … use your huge cock to fuck slave servant’s little slutty cave …”

“Little harlot … since you’re begging this Lord so much … this Lord will fuck you till you drop dead!” Chen Hongjue increased his pace, thrusting in and out of Tao’er with a cruel intensity, making love juices fly about everywhere. “Mmnnn … slave servant can’t any … Aaaaahhhhh …” Tao’er’s lovely body trembled, her warm and wet honey pot convulsing continuously, “Aaahhh … feels good.” The huge glans of that cock felt a numb pleasure as Tao’er’s splooge engulfed it; Chen Hongjue yelled simultaneously, crazily thrusting to the depths of Tao’er as her tender cave continuously twitched with ecstasy …

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