Love Affair With Sister-In-Law Chapter 4

Chapter 4:

These entire two days, sister-in-law and I kept close to each other, just like intimate newlyweds. We fed each other; after a bath, we wiped each other’s body clean, and then fell asleep together after a long round. Waking up in the morning, I squashed sister-in-law’s beautiful buttocks, slowly penetrating her. She wore the sexy underwear I bought for her as we passionately made love on the large bed meant to be for her and my cousin brother. I had an endless vitality for sister-in-law; we seemed to be as genuine husband and wife.

Sunlight poured into the room through the gap of the window curtains. I opened my dazed eyes, and gave a look at the clock on the wall, it was already 11 AM. The bed was currently is a mess, the bed sheet wrinkled; sister-in-law lay within my embrace, tightly hugging my waist.

I fixed up the bed hair at her forehead; she was completely nude, her legs grabbing onto my thigh, revealing her alluring curvaceous buttocks. My pal below began to react when I gazed at her charming sleeping posture, but a limp and painful sensation went through it immediately.

Its transformation from its grand and matchless form yesterday to its current half-soft appearance made me feel yesterday’s events to be maniacal. I couldn’t remember how many times I did it with sister-in-law, it’s even possible cousin brother might return today; hence, we did it through the entire night, sister-in-law also responded to me crazily.

Right! Will cousin brother return quickly? Sister-in-law and I were amidst the battle when he called last night, she carelessly replied a few sentences and then hung up. We were especially excited as she received the call, I didn’t dare to meddle, merely kissing at her earlobes, making her speech go soft. She duped cousin brother by saying she slept early and still felt drowsy due to being woken by his call.

I could hear cousin brother say he would be taking a 10 AM morning flight today, adding in a bit, the journey would take half-an-hour. It was almost time, thinking of his return, I immediately became clear headed, and slapped sister-in-law’s buttocks: “Sister-in-law, wake up.”

“Mmnn, husband, let me sleep in a bit longer!” She opened her eyes, saying languidly.

“If you keep sleeping, cousin brother will return by then.”

“Mmn? Are you scared of your cousin brother seeing our current appearance?” Sister-in-law got up to embrace my neck; “I am your wife now!”

I was speechless: “Me? Afraid? I only fear you’re the one scared, good sister-in-law! Since you’re fearless, then let me make you feel good.” I pressed her towards the bed, preparing to give her fragrant lips a kiss.

“Ahhh! Don’t make trouble now; I was just kidding, you dumbo!” Sister-in-law pushed me away, not letting me kiss her.

“Hehe, is sister-in-law scared?” Looking at her punch me with her small fists, I surrendered: “Okay, I won’t.”

I caressed her buttocks once before getting up to pull the window curtains open, letting the sunlight shine into the house. My eyes still felt drowsy; I stretched, turning back to laugh at sister-in-law: “Sister-in-law, you’ve made my entire body sore!”

Sister-in-law grabbed a pillow and threw it towards me: “Scoundrel, you dare to laugh at me! Humph! I’ll ignore you.” She picked up the nightgown on the floor and scurried towards the bathroom.

I grabbed some random shorts and put them on, turning off the AC, I opened the balcony door. A warm air hit across my face, dispersing the lascivious scent of sister-in-law within the room. Looking at the messed up bed and thinking about cousin brother’s return, I quickly began tidying up! Ahh, really tired!

After a while, sister-in-law and I prepared the meal within the kitchen, of course, she was the one preparing it while I was making trouble! I embraced her from behind, speaking honeyed words at her ears. Sister-in-law prepared the dishes while dealing with my disturbances.

“Sister-in-law, how’s your body so fragrant? It smells really good.”

“Even if it’s fragrant, It will stink with sweat if you keep hugging.”

“Impossible! Sister-in-law’s sweat has a fragrant smell.”

“You smooth-talker, trying to make me happy again.”

“I only speak the truth, I have sniffed it many times after all!”

“Stop the nonsense, or else I’ll stab you.”

“What? Are you going to murder your husband? See how I lesson you.” I licked sister-in-law’s earlobe.

“Mmmn … don’t, your cousin brother will be returning soon.”

At this moment, the sound of the front door opening echoed out. I knew cousin brother had returned but I felt reluctant to let sister-in-law go. She sent me a bewitching gaze, I also helplessly let go, following behind her to leave the kitchen.

I looked at them hug; cousin brother let her go when he saw me arrive. I don’t know why, but I felt a stab of pain in my heart when I saw them together, feeling upset, feeling cousin brother hadn’t hugged his wife, rather my wife. Perhaps, I already thought sister-in-law to be my wife.

Sister-in-law looked at me, sending an embarrassed glance, only I could understand the true meaning of that expression.

“Cousin brother, you’ve returned?”

“En, did anything happen at home recently?”

“Nothing much, Le Jie and I had fun! Husband, did you have lunch yet? I made some; it’s really good.” Sister-in-law entered the kitchen.

Hearing her say the word ‘Husband’ to address my cousin brother, which she had used to address me intimately during the time we got intimate, made me feel upset.

“Le Jie, your classes begin the day after tomorrow, right?” Cousin brother interrupted my train of thoughts.

“Yeah!” I replied.

“I applied for a vacation of two days before this business trip; we can roam around together tomorrow.” Cousin brother spoke to me with expectation, wanting to see my happy expression.

“Oh, okay!”

The heavy guilt acted up again; cousin brother is good to me! But I … I tossed about in the bed that night, feeling difficult to fall asleep, losing sister-in-law’s soft embrace made feel unwell. I forced a smile; I’ve only hugged sister-in-law to sleep for three nights, that’s all!

My heart palpitated, imagining sister-in-law’s sexy moaning figure at my body, I felt troubled. I wonder what she’s doing right now, whether she’s thinking of me?

As soon as the classes ended, I rushed home, burning with anxiety. I haven’t touched sister-in-law for three days already, as cousin brother was resting at home these past two days. I had no opportunities to be affectionate with her, only occasionally joining hands together with her, still afraid of cousin brother looking at us! Just like a thief. I became insane these three days, unable to listen to classes, my mind only had thoughts of her.

I happily opened the house door, and the outcome was that I saw cousin brother looking at TV in the living room; my heart froze. Cousin brother usually returns home at 5:30 PM but today … it’s only 3 PM!

“Le Jie, you’ve returned? How are you adapting to the school?” Cousin brother asked when he saw me.

“Going well. Cousin brother, you finished work early today?” I asked, feeling unreconciled.

“En, I returned as there wasn’t much work going on at the company. Ahh, such idle time is rare!”

‘Your idle time is hurting me.’ I commented within my mind, returning to my room.

Passing through cousin brother’s room, I saw sister-in-law inside, browsing the web. Looking at me, she gave me a lovely smile: “You’ve returned, Le Jie?” I felt like rushing inside to press her against the bed, be intimate with her, but unfortunately, cousin brother was in the living room, I didn’t dare to act excessively! Ahh, why is my life filled with such hardships?

Finishing dinner, cousin brother went to the bath to take a shower while sister-in-law tidied up the kitchen. I couldn’t endure anymore; my heart trembled as I entered the kitchen to embrace her: “Sister-in-law, I’ve come to help.”

“Aaaahh! A’Jie, you …  let me go first.” Sister-in-law tried to struggle free from my embrace, but how could I let her go? I hugged her tightly: “Sister-in-law, I missed you, let me hug you.” I kissed her. She renounced her struggle and began to respond to my kiss until we both were left breathless, only then did my lips part from hers.

“Sister-in-law, do you know how much I’ve suffered these two days, thinking of you?” I gasped for breaths, speaking at sister-in-law’s ears.

“God knows whether you’re trying to dupe me?” Sister-in-law’s shy appearance provoked me!

“How can I dupe sister-in-law, you can check if it’s true.” I guided her hand towards my cock; it had become hard long ago, propping up a tent at my trousers.

“You … you dumbo! I missed you too.” Sister-in-law said, but she continued to stroke my cock.

“Where did you miss me? Perhaps under eh?” I raised her short skirt, stretched my hand inside to caress her panties, slowly kneading it.

“Husband, you’re very bad, ahh … don’t, your cousin brother might find us.”

“Don’t worry, he’s bathing right now; he won’t be out for a while. Sister-in-law, you’re wet already.”

My hand stretched inside her panties, parting her labia, a finger squeezed inside her dripping wet little cave.

“Mmnn … Husband, it feels good! Aaah … lighter.” Sister-in-law began to moan along with my fingering.

“Sister-in-law, don’t moan, cousin brother might hear it.”

“It’s all because of you; you bully me.” Sister-in-law bit my lips with force.

“Wuh, Sister-in-law, it hurts!”

Sister-in-law didn’t speak, merely kissing my lips softly as if to soothe my pain.

“Sister-in-law, I want you, can I?” I slowly took off my trousers, pointing my huge cock at sister-in-law’s sex hole; she could feel the warmth of my cock through the panties, “Mmnn … Wuh …” She moaned.

My hand left sister-in-law’s meat hole, pulling down her panties, but I didn’t expect her to stop my hand: “Don’t, not now. Good husband, spare me. It really won’t do now, everything will be over if your cousin brother finds us.”

“Sister-in-law, I can’t endure any longer!”

“Your cousin brother will come out soon, let me go first, later … I’ll do whatever you want later, okay?” Sister-in-law blew at my years.

“Come to my room tonight after cousin brother falls asleep then.”

“What? We’ll be doomed if your cousin brother discovers us!” Sister-in-law felt fear.

“He won’t; we’ll be discreet! Don’t you miss my cock?” I fiddled with sister-in-law’s panties.

“Aaahhh … don’t!” Sister-in-law grabbed my cock, stopping its movements.

“Sister-in-law, didn’t you promise you’ll do anything?” I continued to entice her.

At this moment, the sound of the bathroom door opening echoed out, “Quickly let me go … I promise.” Sister-in-law stated nervously. I giggled, pulled up my trousers, and quickly gave her lips a smooch: “Sister-in-law, I’ll see you tonight.” She couldn’t even look at me as she ran out the kitchen.

“Wife, why’s your face so red?” My cousin brother’s voice sounded out.

“Aaahhh … It’s nothing; the kitchen was warm, I … I’m going to go wash my face.” I could imagine her blushing cheeks.

I gazed at the clock on the wall; it was already 12 AM, why hasn’t sister-law-in come? Within the room, I experienced what’s called a day equal to a year; each second felt like a year to me! Listening to the sounds within sister-in-law’s room, it had already quietened; cousin brother ought to have slept, why hasn’t sister-in-law come yet?

Suddenly, I heard the sound of the door open, of course, my room’s. I didn’t speak out, pretending to sleep on the bed. I saw sister-in-law stealthily open the door, and then carefully locking it after entering inside. The moonlight made the room seem bright, enabling me to see sister-in-law’s short nightgown, barely covering her buttocks, seeming transparent under the moonlight. I could notice she hadn’t worn a brassiere, her plump bosom slightly jiggling as she walked.

I remained silent; I wanted to punish her for letting me wait so long.

“Jie …” Sister-in-law crawled onto the bed, softly calling out my name. I suddenly got up and pushed her down, kissing her mouth, afraid she will moan out, “Wuh … wuh … you … you scared me, you this bastard, scoundrel!” She punched my abdomen with her fists.

“Alright, sister-in-law, I’ll die if you keep hitting me, who asked you to come so late?” Looking at her flustered expression, as well as the feeling carrying out an affair, gave me an intense provocation, I believe sister-in-law also felt the same.

Sister-in-law and I tangled together intensely; I stripped her gown and panties, she pulled my trousers down, revealing the battle-ready spear, gripping it and delivering it to her meat hole. She had endured a lot these two days, sister-in-law and I had once tasted the pleasures of the flesh, these three empty days were hard to endure.

“Aaaahh … …” I slowly pushed my cock into her meat hole while she moaned to match me. I sensed the cozy sensation of being squeezed after a long time; her meat hole seemed endless, its folds wrapping around my cock, making it hard for it to jerk.

“Aaahhh … Husband, quick … start moving; I want you …” Sister-in-law wiggled her buttocks. Her little cave seemed especially tight today, the vaginal walls sucked onto my cock tightly, making me feel as if I was penetrating her for the first time.

I slowly moved my cock, letting it adapt to sister-in-law’s little cave; the sensation of cumming seemed to emerge once again after feeling choked for days. My hands grabbed her breasts as I bowed my head down, sucking her perky pink nipples so that I could distract myself from cumming fast.

As my thrusts passed by the hundreds, sister-in-law had coiled her legs around my waist, her hands hugging me tightly as she buried her head into my chest, “Wuh … Wuh … Ohhh … Husband, I … I’m going to cum, quicker, Aaahhhh … Cumming! Husband …” Sister-in-law tried her best to restrain her moans.

I couldn’t endure any longer once I knew she was going to cum, madly sprinting at sister-in-law’s meat hole, “Aaaahhhhh …” Sister-in-law and I yelled with a low voice simultaneously; my cock trembled for its life within her body, shooting all of the semen piled up from the past three days into her womb.

After ejaculating, I lay powerless on sister-in-law’s body, slowly rolling off her body. I pulled my half-soft cock out from her little cave; a white fluid oozed out of her little cave as pulled it out, a blend of sister-in-law’s and my love fluids.

I hugged sister-in-law, gently caressing her undulating bosom, “Husband, I love you! She kissed my chest, even began to lick my nipple, make me feel good.

“Sister-in-law, shall we have another round?” I gazed at her with infatuation.

“Aaahhh, you … baddie!”

“Doesn’t sister-in-law want my cock to violate your little puss?”

“You … your dick is soft already.” Sister-in-law grabbed my cock shyly with her hand.

“I’ll leave it to you then, can you suck it, sister-in-law?”

“No, it’s dirty!” She pouted.

“Dirty? Right now, sister-in-law’s love liquids are all over it! It’s tasty, not dirty at all. Sister-in-law, you promised to listen to anything I want, did you lie to me?” I placed my finger at her pouting mouth.

“Baddie, you’re bullying me again, see how I bite you.” Sister-in-law stooped down my body, sucking my glans within her mouth; watching her little mouth suck my cock with passion gave me an exhilarating feel.

Sister-in-law sucked my cock; sometimes she used her tongue to lick it, though a bit amateurish, it made my cock rock hard soon. The stimulation was great; I felt for the first time the feel to dominate her, to own all of her.

I raised sister-in-law, pushing her down again, “Aaaahhh … Husband, you’re awesome, I love you the most.” Sister-in-law’s ecstatic moans echoed within the room … …

I came inside her womb once more, hugging her tightly, taking gasps for breaths.

At this moment, I vaguely heard a sound like the opening of a door; it was a sound so low that I couldn’t hear it clearly; I remained motionless while embracing sister-in-law. No sounds occurred after waiting for a while; I also didn’t mind it much, I might have misheard it! I bowed down to kiss sister-in-law. Indeed, loving her was never enough!

During midnight, sister-in-law quietly departed the room; I sniffed her scent left behind on the bed as I slowly entered into the land of dreams.

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  1. Yes, I can’t wait how about the cousin reaction to this. Hopefully if it is really netori, MC will talk face to face with his cousin.


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