Love Affair With Sister-In-Law Chapter 5

Chapter 5:

It was already 9 AM by the time I woke up in the morning; cousin brother had gone to work early again. Ah, cousin brother indeed works hard. Going early to work, finishing late into the evening, sometimes even working overtime. All to provide for this home, but Sister-in-law and I … Will be able to be together later? I can’t live without her, once the pandora’s box has been opened, how can it be closed again? Let it be, I’ll stop thinking about it.

I got up and went to the bathroom to wash my face, which let me clear my head. Today’s classes begin from the afternoon, and why did I select them in such a way? Hehe.

Right! Is Sister-in-law still sleeping? Just thinking about her wild expression which wanted to stop yet desire more made me warm up again as if a flame had taken birth within me.

I walked towards Sister-in-law’s room’s doorway and softly pushed the door open. As expected, cousin brother had gone out already, only Sister-in-law laid on top of the bed in her nightgown from yesterday. The quilt was pressed between her beautiful legs. That nightgown couldn’t cover up her alluring body, her round mounds could be clearly seen at her bosom.

Sister-in-law had her back sticking out slightly, which almost revealed her buttocks outside. Her mini-panties covered around her curvaceous buttocks. The plumpness of her secret place could easily be seen from her back. Perhaps due to the panties being a little tight, they middle zone sunk into Sister-in-law’s small cave, with vestiges of wetness on it.

How could I control myself in this situation? I slowly crawled onto the bed, laying aside Sister-in-law’s back, carefully appreciating her beautiful body. Although I had already seen her complete body from top to bottom, I could never have enough of it! My hand slowly caressed her buttocks, which gave me a pleasure of committing voyeurism. I brushed very lightly, fearing I would wake her up.

My dick pressed up against Sister-in-law’s tiny cave. She was still sleeping, which stimulated me more.

I stretched my head beside hers to look on below her face. She didn’t wear any brassiere, but her bosom still seemed to stick out, being constricted by her arms, they formed a captivating cleavage, making me feel like burying my head in there! Looking at her beautiful cheeks, long eyelashes, small lips, I stared at her blankly, bowing down to lightly kiss her lips; I really couldn’t bear to wake her up.

Suddenly, Sister-in-law’s eyelashes moved, and her eyes opened up slowly. She looked at my face blankly and blushed.

“Baby, did I wake you?” I asked quietly.

“En, you … how are you here?” Sister-in-law finally realized the current situation.

“Sister-in-law, you didn’t wake up after so much time. Therefore, I came to wake you up!”

“Dislike! If it wasn’t for you last night …” Sister-in-law’s face blushed even more.

“Last night? What did I do last night?”

“You! Dislike! You asked me to spend the night with you yesterday, and you still ask me.”

“How is it me asking you to spend the night? I wonder who came running to my bed late at night? And who said at my ears, “Husband, give it to me”” I laughed.

“Aaaahh, you … really dislike you. You were the one who lured me.” Sister-in-law nibbled at my shoulder shyly.

“Sister-in-law, your sleeping appearance was quite beautiful.”

“Wu … Husband …” I bowed down to kiss Sister-in-law’s mouth, caressing her lovely body with my hands. “Husband, don’t. You … want it again so early in the morning? Wu … Husband …” Sister-in-law moaned.

My hands slowly stretched into Sister-in-law’s panties, they were a little moist, “Sister-in-law, there’s no need to deny. See how wet you’ve become down? I still hadn’t teased you before, did you have a spring dream? En?”

I pressed against Sister-in-law’s small cave, “Aaaahh! I … I didn’t, husband, you baddie.” Sister-in-law didn’t dare to look at me, merely leaning her head on my shoulder.

“You didn’t? I will become angry if you try to deceive me.”

“En, I … I only dreamed of you, husband.”

“What did you dream about? Quickly say it.” I began kneading Sister-in-law’s small cave.

“Aaahhh … Husband, don’t, I’ll say it. I dreamed of … making love with you, husband.” The more she spoke, the softer Sister-in-law’s voice became.

“I didn’t hear it clearly, say it louder. Quick!” I accelerated the speed of kneading.

“Aaaahhhh … Aaahhh … Husband, I dream of making love to you, husband … Wu … Husband, you … you bully me.” Sister-in-law used her tiny hands to punch my chest, but it felt like a tickle to me.

“Sister-in-law, you don’t like making love to me” I kneaded Sister-in-law’s cave as I licked her earlobes.

“Aaahhh … En, like, Aaahhh … very much like … most like to do it with husband.” Sister-in-law said while moaning.

“Then, you have to do it with me only, you mustn’t let cousin brother touch you again, understood?”

“But, your cousin brother, he … he …” Sister-in-law hesitated a bit.

“What but? You can do it with cousin brother then, don’t do it with me.” I feigned to be angry.

“Aaahh … Husband, don’t! I’ll only do it with husband, you mustn’t leave me!” Sister-in-law said with worry.

“Sister-in-law, I was only joking. How can I be willing to part with you? I love you to death, Sister-in-law.”

“En, I also love you death.” Sister-in-law hugged me tightly.

“Sister-in-law, you served me yesterday, so let me serve you today, okay?”

“En, how will you serve me?”

“It will all be good if you enjoy it.” I kissed Sister-in-law’s mouth and licked her tongue. Then, I slowly licked her face and neck. I pulled her nightgown, looking at her with deep emotion; she shyly raised her hands to let me take off her nightgown. I grabbed her breasts and sucked the tiny grapes on her bosom, using my tongue to lick them wantonly.

“Aaahh” Sister-in-law gave out a satisfied moan, raising her head upwards. Her bosom heaved up, trying to match my sucking. I slowly kissed downward, kissing her smooth belly and cute novel. I purposely didn’t kiss her secret zone, rather lied down at her lower body and kissed her thighs, calfs, and even her toes. They seemed breathtaking to my eyes, I sucked each one of those slender toes.

“Aaaahh … Husband, it itches. Husband, don’t … don’t lick there. Aaahhh … Husband, I love you to death …” Sister-in-law wiggled her body; she seemed to really enjoy my licking.

“Sister-in-law, did it feel good?” I raised my head to look at her.

“Good, really good.”

“I want to lick all of Sister-in-law’s body. Sister-in-law, do you want me to lick your small cave?”

“It’s really embarrassing! Husband, lick it. All of me is yours.” Sister-in-law said excitedly.

I laughed, grabbing the front of Sister-in-law’s panties, I pinched it with my fingers and pulled it down, “Aaahh … Husband, you baddie, don’t …” Sister-in-law stretched her hand to block me, but I caught her hand, “Sister-in-law, you just said your entire body is mine. Come, be obedient and don’t move. Let husband serve you nicely.”

The panties had sunk into Sister-in-law’s small cave. Her labia was exposed out as I pulled the panties down and the licked those labia, “Ahh, Sister-in-law, this place is really fragrant!”

“Bad husband, you baddie!”

I pulled down her panties completely. Her quim was as spotless as jade, without a single hair. The labia seemed to be slightly wet, perhaps from my saliva or from Sister-in-law’s sexual secretions. The pink bean at the convex was already erect; I extended my tongue out to stimulate it, “Sister-in-law, I love your small cave to death.”

“Aaaahh …” Sister-in-law cried out and clamped her legs inwards, clamping around my head. I laughed and began to lick her small cave with more intensity. My tongue sucked the sexual secretions from within her meat hole sometimes; I licked her this way for more than ten minutes.

“Aaahhh … Husband … don’t suck anymore, I … I’ll be sucked dry by you, Mmnn …” She grabbed my hair while moaning.

“Sister-in-law, liquids are still flowing from your quim, I want to drink all of it.”

“Husband, you … you baddie. Aaahh … I … I’m cumming. Quicker … lick faster!” Sister-in-law raised her buttocks,”Aaaahhh … dying … I … Aaahhhh …” I felt her meat hole squirt sex fluids out; the majority of it went into my mouth while the rest splashed across my face.

After twitching a few times, Sister-in-law’s buttocks fell back to the bed. I licked her small cave clean, saying to her, “Sister-in-law, look, you’ve cum all over my face.”

Sister-in-law still gasped for breaths. After a few seconds, she embraced my neck and began to lick my face clean; she then kissed my mouth. We kissed fervently until she became breathless.

“Sister-in-law, did you feel good?”

“Little Sweetheart, you’re going to kill me with pleasure,” Sister-in-law said satisfactorily.

“Sister-in-law, you’re satisfied, but my dick is still unwell from being hard, what should we do?”

“Husband, you … lie down.” Sister-in-law blushed and then pounced on me, she was really cute.

I laid down on the bed, wanting to look at what Sister-in-law intended to do. I didn’t expect the shy Sister-in-law to straddle across my body. Her tiny hand grabbed my dick and stroked it a few times; then, she pressed my cock against her little cave and began to move her buttocks. I felt her labia squeeze around my dick, it was a great stimulation.

“Sister-in-law, stop teasing me! Quickly take my cock inside your meat hole! Sister-in-law, do it faster.” I felt my mind become muddled and grabbed her buttocks, wanting to push my cock into her little cave, nothing could stop me.

“Hehe, don’t … Husband, don’t be in a hurry!” Sister-in-law moved her buttocks while sending me a seductive gaze.

“Good Sister-in-law, do me quicker, else I will rape you!” I said fiercely.

“Good Husband, don’t be in a hurry, I’ll do it myself!” Seeing me become zealous, he raised her buttocks and pulled my cock towards her meat cave’s mouth, and slowly pushed down while furrowing her brows, “Aaaahhhh …” Sister-in-law and I both moaned at the same time.

Sister-in-law began to shake her butt up and down. I enjoyed the feeling of her fucking me, it was indeed stimulating! My hands were placed on her waist to help her move, “Aaaahhh … Husband, Aaahhh … does it feel good? Mmmn …. Husband, it’s going deep! Till the end … Aaahhh … ” Sister-in-law propped herself by placing her hands on my chest, moaning wantonly.

“Husband, I’m tired! I … I can’t move anymore.” After some time, Sister-in-law began to slow down.

“Sister-in-law, let me do it. Grab me.” I grasped her waist and moved my butt upwards with force, causing “Pa Pa Pa” sounds to issue out from our lower bodies.

“Aaahhh … Husband, lighter … Aaahhh … Husband, I’m going to cum again … cumming …! Aaaahhhhhhh ….”

“I’m also going to cum, Aaahhh … Sister-in-law, grab hard.” I began moving my buttocks as if my life was on the line. Sister-in-law fell atop my chest; I hugged her tightly, moving my lower body, shooting my semen into her body.

“Husband, you’re superb!” After the passionate event, Sister-in-law laid on top of my body. At this time, I heard the “Bang” sound of the metal door outside close. I was scared and immediately laid Sister-in-law down. I wore my clothes and opened the door to take a look at the living room, but it had no one! What happened?! I felt foolish. Was it … was it cousin brother? But how did cousin brother … I felt my head hurt, and my mind turn blank.

Sister-in-law wore her clothes and came out as well, coming over to hug me, “Jie, what happened?”

“I don’t know. There was no one when I came out. It might … have been cousin brother.” I felt nervous.

“What … What should we do?” Sister-in-law began to panic.

“Sister-in-law, I’ll never leave you.” I also hugged her tightly.

Sister-in-law’s and my mind were strained the entire afternoon. I also didn’t go to class and accompanied Sister-in-law at home, but cousin brother didn’t return.

Around 8 PM at night, cousin brother returned with a breath of wine covering him. He exchanged into his slippers and then went to the toilet. After a moment, he came out and sat in front of Sister-in-law and me. He seemed to be excessively calm as he looked at Sister-in-law and me hold our hands tightly.

“Sigh!” Cousin brother sighed deeply, slowly saying, “Actually, I already expected this day to some soon, but I didn’t expect it to be my younger cousin. Wife, we’ve been married for three years, I haven’t been able to provide you with happiness. At the time we were married, we were only introduced by relatives and had no emotional base. Also, you know about my illness, we couldn’t be an ordinary married couple. I’ve made you suffer for these three years, and let you down. I knew everything last night. When I didn’t see you after waking up and heard sounds from Jie’s room, but I didn’t want to admit it. I wanted to bear it, but as I left for work today morning, I felt possessed and returned back to take a look, I really didn’t expect … I couldn’t bear it and didn’t want to confront you. I barged out of the door. I pondered for a long time, and the conclusion I’ve come to is that I’ve let you down. If you like Le Jie, I won’t fight against it. He’s my younger brother, and I’ve loved him from his childhood, just like my own brother. I feel relieved that you like him and not some outsider, if not, it may have been difficult for me to accept this. I’ve decided not to meddle in your affairs, I believe A’Jie will treat you well.”

I was dumbfounded once I finished listening to cousin brother, I didn’t expect cousin brother to … unexpectedly forgive us. I turned to look at Sister-in-law, her expression was also blank.

“Only, I have a condition.” Cousin brother said to us again.

“Cousin brother, you … say it.”

“I want you to give birth to a child for me. Also, if you leave me in the future, you must let me raise the child. I actually already went to the hospital for an inspection, I can never have a child. Can … can you promise this to me?” Cousin brother seemed to be a little emotional.

I didn’t expect the conclusion will be in this way; Sister-in-law looked at me shyly.

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