Recommending a new novel to read! Skirt-Chasing Young Monarch: City Lady-Killer!

Alright, guys, this is a novel I’ve read personally and loved it. I hope you’ll read it as well and rate/add it to your reading lists. The release rate of chapters will boom up soon (after a few days).

Here’s a copy of the review I’ve left on NU:

Link: Skirt-Chasing Young Monarch: City Lady-Killer


The prettiest girl in the class, the campus belle queen, an attractive policewoman, a cunning reporter, a charming businesswoman, a mesmerizing commando, and a millionaire spendthrift, all shall lose themselves to passion.

Be it a Lolita, a virtuous woman, a regal queen, a mature racy woman, a cold-blooded goddess, or a sexy baby-faced doll, all beauties shall come to his embrace.

Young and inexperienced, equipped with the [Flower Pickup System], young schoolboy Su Ke, felt his life become more and more chaotic …


Skirt-Chasing Young Monarch – City Lady-Killer is a novel I like very much.

The story is about Su Ke: a meek, shy and cute MC at the beginning, who slowly undergoes a change in his character under the influence of the [Flower Pickup System], to become a wild, bold and mature MC.

The pacing is quite good. We go through the established values and the present circumstances of various female leads. The MC suffers (is toyed/teased) by older women(a few of the female leads) at the start, but the time for the tables to turn arrives quite soon. We have a few passionate love scenes depicted quite ingeniously. Realism is one of the other things I like about the novel. Many stories often tend to avoid this or overexaggerate, which you’ll not find here.

The influence of the system is also gradual, not a sudden development. It causes significant character growth in the MC, which I hope and expect the readers will personally experience as the book is translated. One of the concerns with novels of such genre is that the MC is a coward and doesn’t have the balls to do the deed, or is an arrogant piece of shit. I guarantee this never happens in this novel.

The MC isn’t that genius, but as the [Flower Pickup System] evolves further, it adds onto the MC’s skill-set, providing him with flexible elements to deal with the situations.

The [Flower Pickup System] is the most important element of the novel, it and the MC are inseparable through it as it causes a substantial unconscious influence, subtly transforming the MC’s ideals, goals as well as desires. The system also evolves to a higher level once a few missions are completed. A full range of options get added, more variants of rewards, as well as mission types. As one can expect, things just don’t come for free; there are penalties for failing a mission, which thus adds more spice to the novel.

We see a lot; there’s the MC’s transformation, sports including basketball, risque sports car street racing, mafia – both local and otherwise(Macao), enemies, sad stories, trauma, yandere, and the most important ones, romance, and comedy!

I will tell you only to review the novel after the hints of the transformation have begun; as the actual fun begins then. It’s up to the reviewer though. A good book, plot, action, romance, comedy, and ending! To make it simple, a fantastic novel!


Q&A with ‘Anonymous’ (Privacy, duh~) over discord:

  1. “Alright, what I want to know is how the harem is managed. From the description and the tags, it just seems like he seduces someone and kinda just forgets about them.


    No, the harem accompanies the MC to the very end of the novel. The author has a solid plot. A few of the female leads are introduced early and have early romance, while a few have romance after hundreds of chapters even though they are introduced early, the others are introduced later. That is, this is not a novel like what the other ones are. Do note the ‘Caring Protagonist’ and ‘Caring Love Interests’ tags.

  2. Does the harem stay together until the end? Or is it even a harem at the end?


    Yes and Yes. It is a harem in the end, and the harem stays together till the end of the novel.

  3. Do the female leads have romantic relationships with other men during the story? I mean after they get together, and not in their back story or before they get “conquered”?


    Once the MC makes them fall for him, they don’t have romantic relationships with other men, i.e., no betrayal. The relationships progress gradually; they just don’t fall for MC all of a sudden ‘cos he does something. That’s what I love about this novel. On another note, as far as I remember, he does cause a woman (hiding her name/kind of super spoilerish) to leave her husband for the MC.

  4. Without spoilers, is that situation like the one in my wife is a beautiful CEO? Where the husband is a massive prick?


    Yes, that’s why I said the word ‘trauma’ in above summary.

  5. Is it the type of novel where the mc gets OP and just becomes ruthless? I’ve read a few novels where some shy dude gets some OP power and becomes a serial killer, but to be fair the others provoke him first.


    No. The increase in strength of MC is gradual; he doesn’t become super OP all of a sudden. He doesn’t become a ruthless killer. He does what he has to if the situation arises. He’s a caring person, who loves his girls and also take cares of his family as well as his buddies. Realism in character is one of the best features of the novel.

  6. Does the plot get screwy at points? I ask this because I was reading a novel where a dude died without getting together with the girl he’s loved since high school I think, then it just devolves into a harem where everyone is okay with it, and for no reason at all cyborgs and aliens are added in.


    A well-thought up, consistent and realistic plot written ingeniously. I won’t spoil much, but the MC isn’t a harem-seeking protagonist at first, the system’s gradual influence over hundreds of chapters slowly changes this mindset. It’s going to be an emotional rollercoaster ride, readers, but the main focus is still action, comedy, and romance. And, no aliens in the novel, this is not going to become a novel with an absurd plot. The novel does have martial artists who use martial arts (Don’t go imagining fantasy ones, I mean genuine and pure martial arts.). As I’ve mentioned before, it also has mafia/underworld elements.

  7. This question is just for fun:

    And, finding your discord was hell being completely honest.

    I had to google your user, find your NU profile, swim through links, finally found the link to a site you’re currently translating on, then find a discord link, and to top it off I couldn’t copy and paste your name from my alt to my main accounts.


    T-T. NU couldn’t display the font correctly. No probs. I’ve changed it now. You can find me easily now.

What else do you need in a story? If you aren’t reading it yet, read it.

With Love,

Immortal Dreamer

P.S: You can contact me at Discord for spoilers of this novel @

Immortal Dreamer#4347

P.S.S: My avatar picture at discord is Obito’s mask (From Naruto Shippuden) with a Sharingan and Rinnegan. :3

11 thoughts on “Recommending a new novel to read! Skirt-Chasing Young Monarch: City Lady-Killer!

    • Indeed. Plot with Snu Snu. It’s not a smut novel, but a mature novel. First Snu Snu occurs around chapter 200, if I remember correctly. The release rate is going to increase to 2 chapters a day after a few days. That’ll be 30-40 chapters per month. 🙂

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  1. Rebirth in a Perfect Era

    I100% recommend this novel..

    + points

    1- Screwy points almost no in this novel (Like My Wife is a Beautifull Ceo ”cultivation”, VPAA;Prequel ” Aliens, Robots etc.”, VPAA:Sequel ”Kidnapping, Assasinating, GU something etc.”, )

    2- There is no second generation arrogant playboys, narrow minded shitheat etc.

    3- There is no ” when MC+GF playing outside or eating restaurant, some second generation young master comes ignores MC and harrasing MC’s GF then MC kicks young master and young master uses all his father+grandfather power and attack MC or sue MC thing plot”

    4- Simply there is no GF harrassing plot.

    5- MC is middle aged man mentallity, he uses his foresight and wisdom when he doing something. Not simple MC’s like who loves following his croch.

    6- MC is not shameless, it can be considered model ppl in society.

    – points

    1- Author loves fillers. For example when MC goes University he met his future GF, his GF Dormmate become lover MC’s roommate then GF dormmate’s mother get sick, MC helps money and solves trouble. Its only small plot it could be solved 30-40 chapters but!!!

    This unnecessary plot continues 500 to 600 chapters. Finally solved then MC’s roommates or GF’s Dormmates removed in this novel. They vanished simply… While this unnecessary plot continues, MC built Internet Endustry + Logistic Empire etc. CCTV reportaged him + he made big Real Estate company + met Hollywood director + Produced 1 minimovie 1 supestar 1 band 1 charity system etc.

    So you can ask himself while reading novel; MC goes US Silicon Valley when his net worth around 30 Billion USD, meeting Larry Page or some future big shot while this happening cell phone rings caller roommate and he says his GF’s mother goes surgery… WTF More fucking thing after helping them they vanishes in Novel…

    So author why wrote this unnecessary thing and almost every 30-40 chapters remind us there is girl who her mother sick…

    2- Nationalism (simply Racism). But this novel Nationalism can acceptable range. Not Pure anti-Japan things. Author realized problem and finished plot. We never seen anymore.

    3- Slow pace

    4- Author exaggerating some companies net worth.

    2002 year;

    Apple 6.8 Billion USD acceptable
    Microsoft 100 Billion USD WTF its 2002 man…
    MC’s Industry total worth around 350 Billion USD ” Republic of Turkey 2002 GNP abouth 252 Billion USD”
    MC’s company film box office domestic 1 billion RMB 2002…

    While eexaggerating net worth, cant calculate 2002 internet users quantity..

    When YY(MC’s software) gets online in China broke 100 million users this i dont know abouth 2002 china cant comment but 2003 author conquers all world but total internet users abouth 200 million….

    So china 2002 50 percent users all in world hmm..

    When Twitter gets online broke 50 million users wtf.

    5- Novel still ongoing…


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