Amorous Slave Girl Chapter 9

Appears, posts chapter ... disappears! Just kidding, it's been long, dear peeps! Life has been hard, both personal and professional. Exams buried me until recently, only giving me respire to come back here today. A chapter of ASG for now, soon to be followed by a chapter of LAWS. I've kept you waiting for long, hopefully, we end everything this month, so I can focus on DBW, Noire and a secret project. I would also love it if you could read this new and upcoming novel I've read completely(1374 Chapters) The story is about Su Ke: a meek, shy and cute MC at the beginning, who slowly undergoes a change in his character under the influence of the [Flower Pickup System], to become a wild, bold and mature MC. The novel has a lot of elements including the MC's transformation, sports including basketball, risque sports car street racing, mafia - both local and otherwise(Macao), enemies, sad stories, trauma, yandere, and the most important ones, romance, and comedy! I hope you can also add it to your reading lists!

Amorous Slave Girl Chapter 4

TLN: Finished the chapter a bit early... Enjoy the chapter!! Here's a fun convo for ya readers: Ero-Reader: "Hey ID, didn't you say once at the LNW and MSB Discord that there's no genre you don't dare to touch? Why is it that you don't TL a few genre's and avoid them? Immortal Dreamer: Yes. that was a time when I thought that I knew what the readers wanted and later I realized that each person has his/her own fetish that they like. Ero-Reader: So does that mean you're gonna TL the genres you avoided in the past.. like NTR and Gangbang etc...?!! ID: Yeah. Spread the EROS! No matter be it what kind of EROS!! Readers will be able to read what they love at here and if they still read the one's they don't love... it means they're just tsundere about it XD. That's all guys.. Enjoy this short chapter of ASG... 47 chapters more to go!!

Amorous Slave Girl Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Night Training TLN : Chapter 2 of ASG.. This chapter's a little short but hope you can enjoy it! The young master rubbed his huge penis; looking towards the gorgeous figure lying on the bed, Tao’er’s cheeks streaming with tears, however, he had no intentions of letting her go. He slowly climbed on … Continue reading Amorous Slave Girl Chapter 2