Love Affair With Sister-In-Law Chapter 4

A chapter of LAWS as promised. Stay tuned for further updates. Watch that timer. I would also love it if you could read this new and upcoming novel I've read completely(1374 Chapters) The story is about Su Ke: a meek, shy and cute MC at the beginning, who slowly undergoes a change in his character under the influence of the [Flower Pickup System], to become a wild, bold and mature MC. The novel has a lot of elements including the MC's transformation, sports including basketball, risque sports car street racing, mafia - both local and otherwise(Macao), enemies, sad stories, trauma, yandere, and the most important ones, romance, and comedy! I hope you can also add it to your reading lists!

Love Affair With Sister-In-Law Chapter 2

TLN: I had some work so I couldn't post yesterday; Enjoy the chapter!! 😃 P.S: This chapter is only 4k Chinese Chars./ 2k English words. Chapter 2 I pushed, [Aaaahhhh … …] Along with sister-in-law’s moan, my entire cock entered inside her vagina, furthermore, I felt as if it broke through a layer. Sister-in-law’s flesh hole … Continue reading Love Affair With Sister-In-Law Chapter 2

Love Affair With Sister-In-Law Chapter 1

TLN: Edit: Complete chapter is up now! The poll is below. I'll remind everyone once more that the poll is just to decide the order of translation and both the series will translated 😀 Chapter 1 Lying on top of this unfamiliar bed, tossing about due to the difficulty in sleeping, thinking of the matters … Continue reading Love Affair With Sister-In-Law Chapter 1