Dragon Blood Warrior (龍血戰士) – Index + Glossary


Relevant Introduction:

Character Introduction:

Ruth: 25 years, Perception Domain, Attack Domain and Defense Domain abilities 8th Rank.

Kyle Holtzer: Hass Empire’s General. Montelago’s highest chief.

Aiwa Holtzer: Kyle’s Son. Special Dragon Blood Warrior.

Margaret: Kyle’s second wife, Aiwa’s stepmother. Kyle’s bureau staff member. Attack Domain ability 3rd rank.

Groote Herman: Empire’s Prime Minister, hostile towards Holtzer Clan.

Steven: Dean of Montelago City’s Military Hospital.

Sally: Ruth’s Assistant.

Mellow: 26 years old, Empire’s law court presiding judge. Perception domain and Defense domain ability 10th rank.

Ferderer Herman: Groote’s only son, Junior Officer.

Sili Herman: Groote’s  4th daughter, vitriolic (bitter criticism) girl.

Dolly Herman: Groote’s 5th Daughter.

Ryan: Heir of Mofarre Clan.

Alice: Mrs. Groote

Lewd Serpent (Yin Serpent) Introduction: Born from the thoughts of Yin technique cultivator, cannot leave master’s thought and live by its own as a physical body, it is its master thought and physical body’s feelers, can replace its master the accomplish the work of inciting passion in women, and furthermore can transmit the pleasure received by the woman to its master’s body. Effective range is around 20 feet, can appear as real as well as incorporeal, according to the master’s thoughts. Its abilities promote along with the master’s rank, master’s powerful time it is also powerful. Master’s body powerless time, releasing lewd serpent to incite passion in woman is not possible. Under some special circumstances, the master can also use it to incite passion in a man, but generally a male Yin technique cultivator wouldn’t waste energy to incite passion in a man, only if it’s to let the man suffer humiliation would it be used.

Background Introduction:

Hass Empire: A valiant Dragon Blood Human Empire, Dublin to the East, Hohfeld to the South, and Montelago City in the middle, are the three army strategic towns. Among them Montelago is the most expert of the three armies, possessing 3/5th of the empire’s military strength.

East Empire: Located to the East of the Empire, temporarily keeping friendly neighborly relationship, but bilaterally separated by a long barren zone.

Tanzya Tribe: Located to the South of the Empire, follow matriarchy , control a long and narrow zone, often harass Hass Empire’s southern cities attacking for tribute, but come to speak temporarily haven’t any ambition of expanding towards Hass Empire, nevertheless act as a buffer: Southeast power is Wolf Kingdom, Southwest power is Aegean Kingdom, these two countries aren’t very large, follow semi-nomadic life.

Naluss Empire: Located to the West of the Empire separated by sea.

Duffy Kingdom: Located to the North of the Empire, an up-and coming power, temporarily improbable to threaten Hass Empire

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