Love Affair With Sister-in-Law

Chinese Title : 與嫂嫂的戀愛

Author : JT7474

Original Language Status: 9 Chapters (Completed)

English Title : Love Affair With Sister-in-Law

TL Synopsis:

Le Jie is sent to live at his older brother’s place in Shanghai when he passed the entrance examination for a university over there.

He thought he would merely be seeing his sister-in-law again but he didn’t expect that he would get to live with her.

Roaming with her around Shanghai in his free time before his university started; he kept on falling deeper in love with her then he was ever before.

Starting with an accidental slip up by his sister-in-law, the relation between them escalates as they experience more an more cute and lovely situations which end up in him confessing and making love with her.

Follow them as they indulge in this adultery, as well as discover some new things about their complicated but simple relationship.


Chapter 1 

Chapter 2

Chapter 3