Lovely and Amorous Stunning Belle Wife [Lovely Belle]

Status: Completely Translated.

NU Link : Lovely Belle

Translator’s synopsis :

One day Xiao Jian discovers his neighbor Uncle Zhang Qian’s wife Xiao Yunyun inside a bus….

He approaches her only to discover a man molesting her, filled with anger he pushed the man away from her but standing behind her he noticed something strange with his Sister Yunyun….

Filled with curiosity and falling to the temptation before his eyes he started molesting Sister Yunyun, as he became more bold he discovered she had actually inserted a vibrator inside her in this bus!

Realizing that his Sister Yunyun was actually a pervert he thought of making her satisfy his insatiable libido!

Follow around Xiao Jian as he forces, teases and plays around with Yunyun indulging in various sexcapades with her!

TLN : Not much of a plot.. It’s only a short 9 chapter series containing mostly sex in various situations and positions. However it’s an amazing series which will make you want for more!

First 3 chapters Tl’ed at forthemoney :

Chapter 1: Bus First Sexual Encounter

Chapter 2: Swelling Tieguanyin Tea

Chapter 3: Bumping on the muddy road

EDL Translation:

Chapter 4: Bedroom Spring Scenery

Chapter 5: Wreaking Havoc At The Windy Moonless Beach Shore

Chapter 6: Ecstasy At The School Toilet And Classroom

Chapter 7: Being Licentious At The School’s Sport’s Stadium

Chapter 8: Profligating At The Movie Hall

Chapter 9: Carrying On A Love Affair Inside The Kitchen