Love Affair With Sister-In-Law Chapter 2

TLN: I had some work so I couldn't post yesterday; Enjoy the chapter!! 😃 P.S: This chapter is only 4k Chinese Chars./ 2k English words. Chapter 2 I pushed, [Aaaahhhh … …] Along with sister-in-law’s moan, my entire cock entered inside her vagina, furthermore, I felt as if it broke through a layer. Sister-in-law’s flesh hole … Continue reading Love Affair With Sister-In-Law Chapter 2

DBW Volume 4 Chapter 2

Volume 4 Chapter 2 Brave Battle Against The Python TLN: All right guys.. Moving on with the mess that has happened; let's enjoy DBW! LAWS will be up tomorrow night.. You can chat with me or help me @ Everyone looked towards at the direction of the voice; each of them was immediately dumbstruck. From a … Continue reading DBW Volume 4 Chapter 2