Peerless Demonic Lord

Peerless Demonic Lord

Chinese Title: 绝世邪君

English Title: Exceptional Demonic Lord/ Peerless Demonic Lord (PDL)

Author: 晓浅/ Shallow Dawn

Novel Status: Ongoing

Current Chapters in Raw: 1200+

Translation Status: Ongoing

NU Link: PDL


Unhindered in the Demon Domain, the king is solitary!

In the world where immortals and demons strive, a good natured fellow sought the Demon Dao in search of justice.

At the end of his journey, he had eventually become this generation’s Heavenly Demon Emperor.

Although I am not fond of slaughter, I still do not dislike it!

Desiring to see the Demon World, this is how I strive, this is how I become the Peerless Demonic Lord!

TLN: Well, I tried. The authors’ inconsistent story-writing/details of story as well as the broken characters made me drop it. It’s a popular novel in CN. Hope someone who’s willing to TL it picks this one up. I’ve tled from c3 to c29 here. Check it out.